Braille Tokens

Braille Tokens

We constantly strive to be a socially responsible organisation and we want full integration of each individual in our society ... also blind and partially sighted people. These Braille Tokens™ will make events, festivities, ... more accessible for blind and partially sighted people. Moreover, we use these Braille Tokens™ as an opportunity to inform and raise awareness for this visual impairment.

- Reusable and Dishwasher Safe

- Recyclable

- Budget Friendly

Sizes -  Ø38mm

Colour Available - 

Yellow, Orange, Red, Fluorescent Pink, Purple, Light Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, White, Grey, Gold, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Blue Metallic, Green Metallic, Purple Metallic

Minimum Order Quantity - 1000

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