Festival Tokens

Festival Tokens

The festival token is actually a tablet consisting of 25 small tokens. Each separate coin is 23x23 mm and is very solid because of the little edge. Every token can be snapped in half if you like. For durability of the tablet, we have made sure the middle token cannot be snapped in half.

During big events, it's a true art to not have your customers waiting in line for a long time and that is exactly the big advantage of this festival token as this token is very easy to divide at the cash register and accept behind the bar. In order to really guarantee an implacable service at the cash register, the festival tablets come in handy and sturdy boxes that can be reused. 

- Perfect for Big Events

- Fraud-proof

- Budget Friendly

- Durable Quality

Sizes - Tablet 12cm x 12cm

Colours - Yellow, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue and White

Minimum Order Quantity - 30000

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