Pierced Glitter Tokens

Pierced Glitter Tokens

These tokens are personalised by piercing the token to create a central hole. This gives them a very unique look. In addition, these tokens are provided with an edge for comfort. 

Pierced glitter tokens have many different uses. Such cashless currency for any event. They are a unique alternative when used as a marketing tool, business card, loyalty coin or reward token. Glitter tokens have the perfect look for events like Carnivals, Mardi Gras and other VIP occasions.

Piercing options available -

- a standard design

- a letter

- a symbol

- a design 

- a hole

Sizes - Ø 23,30mm - Ø 25mm - Ø 29mm - Ø35mm - Ø38mm

Minimum Order Quantity - 1000

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