Brighten up your office with customisable brochures

Send a subtle and impactful message with A6 booklet printing! As part of our brochure printing range, our High-quality small booklet printing is creative, cost-effective, easy to produce and has the potential to expand a company’s visibility.

Stapled along the spine and manufactured with a saddle stitch binding, the A6 brochures are printed with the utmost precision and to a superb standard. A practical pocket-size and tangible product, small booklet printing goes the extra mile and certainly leaves a lasting impression in a client or customer's mind.

Unending benefits of A6 booklet printing

Cleverly crafted and well-designed, small booklet printing can reach out to new customers and serve the perfect introduction. Compact with useful information and eye-catching visuals, A6 booklets can generate immediate sales and secure a loyal customer base.

Quality printed brochures are important pieces of literature; they portray a credible brand image and show that you are willing to invest in clients. A6 books have a powerful presence; they remind customers of your services or products and help establish a reputable brand image.

A versatile product that certainly packs a punch; brochures are ideal for product catalogues, trade shows, networking opportunities, or even corporate newsletters. So do not miss out on this impressive, budget-friendly marketing opportunity; We also print A4 booklets, A5 brochure printing and spiral-bound printing

  • Full coverage and completely customisable
  • Available in portrait orientation
  • Number of pages from 8 - 56
  • Different paperweight options: 130gsm gloss, 120gsm uncoated, 250gsm silk
  • Paper Types for cover: 130gsm gloss, 250gsm silk, 250gsm uncoated, 350gsm silk
  • Free and speedy delivery in the UK

All of the brochures we print in-house follow a saddle stitch technique. This method binds the paper together, staples it along the centre, and uses no glue during the binding process. An eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t waste any glue, saddle stitch is a cost-effective, high-quality technique that ensures all your pages remain firmly in one place.

A6 booklets fulfil an extensive list of professional usages; from product catalogues, business events, to newsletters. An unmatched form of communication, brochures are a tangible and memorable product that contains important details and looks visually appealing.

The page length is completely down to you. The standard number of pages is 56 pages, we can sometimes go higher up to 64 pages, if you are looking to bind more pages than perhaps perfect bound printing is for you. The only rule of thumb is to print a minimum of 8 pages - any less than that is considered a printed folded leaflet.