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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 37.00

Create customised promotional Large contrast shoppers

While the cost of plastic bags is increasing, why not make the switch to a reusable stylish Contrast shopper?

Available in large and miniature size, Contrast shoppers are Promotional Tote Bags made for the long term and with a multitude of uses, it's easy to see why.

Similar to our coloured canvas tote bags, the Contrast Shopper’s are fully customisable with a range of bag and font colours available. The neat and attractive design ensures your brand is clear and visible whenever and wherever the bag is seen.

With a neat and attractive design, the durable material also allows for a stronger, more resistant hold when carrying heavier products compared to what you might expect from a standard plastic bag.

Contrast shoppers are excellent for daily grocery shops, department store visits, or for a trip to your local market stall, all the while your brand is visible as a walking marketing device.

Explore our extensive collection of custom printed bags, where you can also opt for branded paper bags!

Bag colours are available in Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow

  • Made with Non-woven PP
  • Large Contrast Bag
    • Print size: 250 x 250mm
    • Bag Size: 360 x 430 x 100mm
  • Mini Contrast
    • Print Size: 120 x 120mm
    • Bag Size: 210 x 230 x 80mm
  • Front and back bag printing - Up to four colour prints are available

Use our online canvas bag designer or our team is on hand and prepared to help turn your vision into a reality with our highly graphic designer software.

Contrast shoppers and highly versatile and have a variety of uses depending on your needs. They are suitable for grocery shops, department store visits, market stalls etc.

Contrast Shopper’s are available in two sizes.

  • Large size: 360x430x100mm
  • Miniature size: 210x230x80mm