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Rise above the crowds with feather flags

Let your business reach exciting new heights with feather flags! Increase brand visibility and entice passers-by with a popular, resilient and wind-resistant sail banner.

The unique ‘feather’ flag name pertains to the elegant feather-like shape; which looks amazing as it blows effortlessly in the wind. Manufactured from a 110g/m² flag knit mesh material, embedded with a curved metal frame and a choice of feather flag base stand, sail banners are a real spectacle.

Unrivalled benefits of feather flag banners

Searching for innovative ways to stand out on a busy street corner or at a crowded trade show event? Premium custom flags are a vehicle for advertising and help your business stand out for all the right reasons.

You simply can’t top promotional flags; not only are they incredibly versatile but once propped up, this eye-catching advertising tool inhibits a level of importance. In addition, branded feather flags can be viewed from long distances and have huge advertising potential because they are exposed to a mass public audience.

Advertising does not have to break your bank account! We stock the best feather flags that are budget-friendly, weatherproof and durable signage solutions. What’s more, the black feather flag is sustainable - bulk order, save a fortune and reuse time and time again.

A plethora of exciting options

Feather flags cheap are typically used within the events industry. From corporate or live sports events, and trade shows, to commercial booth displays, advertising flag banners and signs are multifunctional. With an extensive list of uses, customisable features and cost-effective solutions, beach flags UK should be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Did we mention they are fully customisable? Embroider the feather banner with a bespoke design, logo or punchy slogan to tie into your brand identity and leave a lasting impression.

We have a wide range of professional templates and cheap flags tailor-made for you. Be sure to check out our excellent catalogue: we have shark fin flags, EU flag teardrop and square beach flags available.

  • Custom printed beach flags, low price and high-quality print
  • Lightweight and portable feather flag
  • Large flag print area
  • Can be bought in Small, Medium or Large varieties
  • Wholesale printed feather flags are available
  • Free UK delivery no minimum order value

Small Flags are 40x240cm, Medium Flags are 65x315cm and Large Flags are 92x430cm

In a nutshell, feather flags are a portable advertising display that is printed on a 110g/m² flag knit mesh material. Feather flags are not filled with feathers but simply contain a visually engaging and beautiful feather-like structure.

The difference falls down to the shape. Shark fin flags have a smooth and elongated s-shape design, in comparison, feather banners contain a curved and elegant feather-like structure.

Yes, our feather signs include a carry bag so they can be easily transported.

Feather flags can be custom designed by you or our amazing in-house graphic design team. We have an impressive range of Pantone colours to choose from, all we ask is that you follow a CMYK colour because this is the model we print in.

The flag is best supported using the appropriate base, using the correct base the flag can withstand the wind up until gale force 7, in order to maintain durability. If it is known to go over this, it's best to keep the flag inside after then.