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Solidify Brand Identity with Festival and Party Wristbands

Make a check-in at events a breeze with festival wristbands!

Want to know more about our personalised festival wristband & Lanyard printing? Contact our highly experienced sales team to discover the exciting promotional products on offer, including custom printed personalised lanyards, Tyvek event Wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands!

From festival-goers to business enthusiasts, let your event be remembered in style with custom printed fabric wristbands. With a little added creativity and an effective form of brand advertising, you can be sure to find your business on everyone’s wrists. 

Find your business on everyone’s wrists and replace silicone wristbands with custom printed fabric wristbands! An inexpensive promotional tool and unique way to engage with customers, get your branding right with festival bracelet wristbands. Boost security levels without impeding on your budget with custom wristbands - a sophisticated means of identification.

Fabric wristbands are the go-to for any event and are also perfect for access control. From charity fundraisers, bachelor party, trade shows, social distancing, to private functions, custom cloth wristbands are incredibly versatile and a beneficial marketing tool. Not only are fabric wristbands an impressive fashion accessory that brightens up any wrist, but they inspire conversations and have sentimental value.

Personalised Fabric Festival wristbands

A memorable souvenir that still retains a luxurious look and feel, our high-quality wristbands make check-in and entry at any event a breeze. Containing durable, long-lasting fabric and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, custom wristbands are an innovative marketing tool that certainly commands attention.

Personalised festival wristbands are colourful, easy to wear, and a fashionable statement. Whilst they are eye-catching marketing collateral, fabric wristbands can convey your branded message.

Our in-demand fabric wristbands are supplied with a variety of sturdy security fasteners. Manufactured with our premium woven polyester or satin finish print and come in a variety of locking methods. Depending on the option you pick they can either be a single-use fabric wristband where they securely lock once or reusable.

  • Sliding bead - Reusable Wristband

The sliding bead accessory is perfect for adjusting and removing the wristband; thus eradicating the need for scissors. These come in both Metal or Plastic

  • Woven Fabric Custom bands with Plastic Ring

Not only are fabric bands an impressive fashion accessory, but they can provide a vital level of security at any event.

Our plastic ring lock wristbands are tamper-proof and fitted with a self-closing barrel lock for seamless application and difficult removal.

  • Plastic Loop Lock - one time Use

Our plastic loop lock wristbands are tamper-proof and contain a self-closing clip for seamless application and difficult removal.

  • Metal Ring - Single-Use

The Metal ring and metal clip is your ultimate security method, you will need a crimping tool to crimp the bands around the wrist, making them tamper-proof and difficult to remove.

The Power of Physical Marketing

Competition is only increasing - it’s easy for businesses to get trapped in a sea of fierce rivalry between companies fighting for a place at the top. The question is how exactly do you keep everything current, relevant, and on-trend?

When it comes to marketing, the devil is in the details. However, some businesses may not have the time to consider each meticulous detail. At the end of the day, for businesses to succeed in oversaturated markets, they must prioritise cost-effectiveness and be adaptable; which is where the versatility of custom fabric wristbands come in handy.

Connecting people through shared experiences and tangible objects is powerful; something that custom fabric wristbands do on a regular basis. Put your brand directly onto wrists and inspire conversations, shared memories, and sentimental associations with woven fabric bands.

  • Our Fabric Bands range is completely customisable in any colour
  • Our in-house graphic designers can help curate your fabric wristbands
  • Free online design wristband tool and free professional templates
  • Perfect for any event from festivals, charity fundraisers, Hen & Stag Do's, Security Control to private venues
  • Available in two different materials: Woven (Polyester) & Satin

For Plastic Ring, Metal Ring, Metal Sliding bead & Metal Sliding Bead Dimensions

  • Wristband size: 350x15mm

Plastic Clip Secure Features and Dimensions:

  • Wristband size: 260x15mm

From summer or charity events to conferences and trade shows, branded wristbands are the perfect means to secure any event. A useful tool for entry, security, and control purposes, the plastic sliding bead feature is adjustable and firmly encloses the band.

Our high-quality printed fabric wristbands are manufactured with a luxurious satin fabric or woven polyester material to ensure maximum comfort. A long-lasting memento, both smooth fabrics ensure high-definition results and are ideal for imprinting logos, striking colours, and witty taglines onto.

All of our wristbands are manufactured with exceptional quality and contain a unique additional seal. Our sliding bead fabric wristbands will be sealed with an adjustable plastic bead.

This particular promotional wristband will be sealed with a self-closing plastic ring.

Fabric wristbands are typically used for entry control purposes during events, festivals and much more. The necessary tamper proof plastic lock is simple to apply and provides extra security.

This promotional wristband will be sealed with a plastic loop lock.

The levels of customisation are entirely up to you - all we request is that you stick to the allocated design area. From bespoke visuals, branded text, to a company logo, embellish your wristband with strong customisable features for added impact!

The fabric wristbands are manufactured from a high-quality satin or woven material. Both extremely durable and wear and tear resistant, keep your marketing on your sleeve with custom wristbands!

Everything is customisable and the choice of wristband colours is no different! We offer fluorescent to pastel colours so your wristband can command the attention it deserves.

We offer total colour and complete coverage wristbands - we can print your visuals in any colour! If there is a particular colour palette you desire to print, please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

Not only do we offer exceptional high-quality print, but we also have an incredible in-house graphic design team who can help create something memorable.