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Recycled Sticky Notes help you stay sustainable and organised

Recycled Eco-Friendly Paper to provide sticky notes which are made from 100% recycled paper and are 80gsm thickness. They have a recycled backing sheet with the pages and it is a perfect alternative to sticky notes.

The best way to get your everyone's attention, Apprintable’s recycled paper sticky notes make for a planet-friendly alternative to good old fashioned post-it notes! With us, you can create custom made recycled branded sticky notes, so your brand can be front and centre with dynamic designs.

At Apprintable, we pledge to create a breath of extraordinary products that do not leave a mark on the environment. Sticky notes unfortunately get discarded after single-use, so to minimise our impact on the natural world, we are proud to introduce our 100% recycled sticky notes!

Every small step counts to help protect the environment, so why not invest in recycled branded sticky notes to help you stay organised? We think sustainable sticky notes are an excellent product for your everyday needs, but don’t take our word for it, find out below just how great sticky notes are:

Sticky notes are multifunctional

Sticky notes are the most ubiquitous way to keep track of important dates, make to-do lists or brainstorm and craft innovative ideas. Not only are they easy to use, but the hand written aspect of sticky notes adds to its value. There are a plethora of purposes for recycled paper sticky notes; you can use them to bookmark pages, annotate text, meticulously colour code tasks and generally organise your life.

Great for corporate companies

Sticky notes are incredibly popular in the corporate environment because they increase productivity and are a brilliant tool for visualisation. Recycled printed sticky notes can be used as individual study notes or to plan collaborative projects - they can allow you to track progress, help to keep an eye on deadlines and important meetings, add or remove tasks and brainstorm ideas accordingly.

Why is Apprintable the best company to print recycled sticky notes?

Recycled business cards can be perfect for popping into customer giveaways, along with these eco-friendly sticky notes make an essential bit of office stationery into a brilliant sustainable marketing tool.

We are the pioneers of print and are here to make your message stick. At Apprintable, we are the best in the business - we manufacture a range of Recycled print products that are cost-effective, fully customisable, durable and delivered completely free of charge.

We can even design your recycled printed sticky notes with show-stopping designs that are sure to make a splash in the office or at your next big corporate event!

  • The environmentally friendly post it notes can be inscribed with your company logo, slogan or personalised message. You can print anywhere on the sticky notes and create a bespoke shape or design; the levels of customisation are up to you!
  • If you are wondering whether eco friendly sticky notes retain a high-quality look and feel, they certainly pack a punch - our sticky notes not only look appealing, but do not bleed through and have a strong adhesive to remain firmly stuck on the wall or on your desk.
  • Our eco friendly alternative to post-it notes is a great promotional gift to be handed out to clients, customers and other members of your team.
  • Recycled sticky notes will always remain a favourable and highly versatile product because they cater to any systematic plan or schedule - whether it be creating to-do lists, planning your next corporate event or taking notes during a meeting.
  • Most importantly, our sticky notes use 100% recycled material to be produced, they save the trees and are a step in the right direction to bring about meaningful change in the world.

Sticky notes can be perfectly stuck onto any hard or flat surface such as on walls, cupboards, refrigerators or desks, to name a few. Our recycled sticky notes leave no residue after use and remain thoroughly attached to any interior surface until removed.

We provide 25 pages in one recycled paper sticky note pads branded. Each sticky note is 75mm by 75mm in size, and can be bulk ordered from anywhere between 500-5,000 sticky notes.

We are immensely proud to only use 100% recycled paper for our sticky notes.

By opting for a 100% recycled sticky note, you protect the trees, minimise your carbon footprint, and do not impact the natural world. When we recycle, we reuse materials and convert them into new products which reduces the need to consume natural resources. Our recycled sticky notes are a small sustainable step that has a huge impact - recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats.

Generally, recycled products are reused and contain elements from materials that are discarded and wasted. Recyclable means that products can be widely recycled - Apprintable’s recycled sticky notes are also recyclable.

Yes, absolutely. We do not compromise on quality; our sticky notes are resilient, the ink does not bleed once applied and they contain a strong adhesive back.

Our sticky notes are not only an ideal accessory for your office, but they can be used for domestic purposes such as making to-do lists, creating a schedule or organising your week. Not only are customised sticky notes a fantastic product to help organise your life, but they add colour and look incredibly appealing on your wall or fridge.

At Apprintable, we are the experts in print - we design, manufacture and produce innovative products that are of an exceptional quality, affordable price, delivered quickly and completely free of charge! Our recycled sticky notes can help you organise and live a more sustainable life without breaking a budget.