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Kraft paper, an eco Friendly way to create natural brown business cards

If you’re a brand that likes to do things a little differently then you’re in the right place! Our kraft business cards let you stand out from the crowd, so your potential clients can see exactly what your brand is all about.

Using brown kraft cards for promotional printing needs is a modern and popular choice for brands who are looking for a distinct business card paper that customers are sure to remember. With an uncoated rustic printer paper, you can craft business cards that look amazing, gives your clients a business card to remember and are completely sustainable; so everyone’s a winner!

Lots of businesses are on the lookout for more environmentally friendly alternatives to regular business card paper, that’s why we’re offering a kraft paper card option so our clients can up their brand recognition and save the planet at the same time! Our natural brown business cards are dyed using all-natural products, coloured with cocoa shells and left unlaminated for a vintage bespoke finish that’s guaranteed to be a hit with your customers, and with the planet.

Apprintable’s range of brown kraft paper business cards are made from completely natural bio-based fibres that are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable! The perfect alternative to unsustainable plastic, these brown paper cards will let your clients know that when it comes to the environment - your brand means business.

Between our high-quality kraft paper card and fantastic design, you can rest assured that you’ll get an incredible product that lets your business hit the ground running at your next big networking event. You can craft businesses card designs online, stress-free, with our free design tool and templates; or let us design your kraft business cards for you!

If you’re a brand looking to make a difference with an environmentally friendly choice of business card that still looks great and is sure to get your company noticed, why not go for our brown kraft paper business cards? Start designing now or request a quote with our team!

  • Eco-friendly business card paper!
  • Rustic printer paper
  • Uncoated for a vintage finish
  • Free UK delivery

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

brown kraft business card template psdbrown kraft business card template aibrown kraft business card template pdf


brown kraft artwork guidelines

Brown paper business cards have seen a massive surge in popularity as lots of businesses look for greener alternatives to do their bit for the planet; brown kraft paper has stood out among the masses as the best alternative to fit lots of brands, due to the timely rise in more rustic aesthetics for countless businesses.


Kraft paper is made from 100% bio-based and ethically sourced materials, no dyes or plastics in sight! Every fibre that goes into our brown paper business cards is completely plant-based and all-natural so there’s no need to worry about any plastics or added man-made materials getting in the way!

The rustic printer paper look is created using natural dye from Cocoa shells, and the raw material is biodegradable. Oh, and recyclable and compostable. There really isn’t a green alternative that can compare; sourced naturally, sustainably and totally recyclable.

Aside from being a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to standard business card paper, kraft card has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years for lots of other reasons! The sustainable and plant-based movement has gotten incredibly popular with businesses and customers alike, so if you’re looking to get your brand noticed; appealing to the eco-warrior crowd can have great benefits for your business's brand recognition.


Brown kraft paper also gives a cool and unique rustic look without a lot of effort or intricate design, our uncoated bespoke look brown paper does all the talking! Perfect for businesses who want to get a simple, homespun aesthetic without spending loads of time looking for the right design to get the look. Brown paper is also a surprisingly strong choice, with great durability that’ll see your business cards go the distance.

Apprintable’s Kraft business cards are the ideal networking tool for any businesses with a rustic look that want to keep their bucolic brand identity present in their business cards. So you let any potential customers and associates know exactly they can look forward to when it comes to your business. These brown card business cards are any local cafe or markets best friend when it comes to networking!


Kraft business cards are the obvious choice for any business or professionals looking to show that they’re committed to sustainability and are environmentally conscious, perfect for organic restaurants, farm shops, and sustainable shops. However, kraft business cards are ideal for any business! They look fantastic and are brilliant for brand recognition, so really our Kraft business cards are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a good looking alternative to regular business cards.

Our Kraft paper comes in a gsm of 300 gsm! Thick and sturdy without being too bulky, and in the standard business card size these kraft paper cards are perfect for keeping close at hand without taking up too much space. So there’s no need to worry about lugging them around at your next networking event!


As well as coming in a handy compact size, the 300gsm brown paper gives you a great paper feel, so you can make a good impression on your future clients with a professional business card; and since the paper-weight is so sturdy there’s little chance of creasing and wasted business cards.

Even better, it’s sturdier! A little language and history lessons all rolled in one here; Kraft paper was invented in the 1880s in Germany by Carl F. Dahl, who decided to name his new creation after the German word for “strength”. Putting his money where his mouth is paid off, as he was certainly correct!


Kraft paper is significantly stronger than a regular card, with naturally high tensile strength and fantastic durability and is the ideal natural product for business cards.

Kraft paper has a naturally high elasticity and is tear-resistant without any added materials, so your brown paper business cards are a long-lasting and durable choice for a great looking business card that goes the distance!

Your design will be printed onto a natural brown business card, dyed using cocoa shells to keep things au naturel of course, so your design will be printed in any ink you like! We like to keep things customisable so you can have total control of how your card looks.


We’re also committed to delivering fantastic print, so if there are any issues with colouring we can help you find the perfect final design so your kraft business card lives up to all of your expectations.

We would suggest printing your kraft business cards double-sided so that you can get the most out of our Kraft business card and include all of the important info you need your clients to know, and still have room for a brilliant looking graphic design that’s sure to catch your customers eye and distinguish your brand from the crowd.


If you’re creating your own design, then you’re in luck! Our website includes our very own design tool, so you can craft business cards that are perfect for your brand and completely personalised; all totally easy and without any stress.

Our design tool is also completely free as an added bonus, just to be helpful. If you’re still stuck for ideas, then don’t panic, we even have free templates that work with three different formats! We like to make your designing journey as easy as possible, so you can bring your ideas to life without any extra faff!

Graphic design not really your thing? Don’t stress; alongside our second to none printing service, we offer an amazing value designing service. Our team of graphic designers can turn your ideas for your kraft business card into a reality, with professional and incredible looking designs that are guaranteed to impress.

Whereas regular paper is usually bleached to get that bright white colour, kraft paper is only dyed using natural products, so there are no chemicals involved in the production process. Kraft paper is also more durable than standard business card paper, with a higher tensile strength overall and more tear-resistant. Kraft paper also has a slightly coarse feel that regular paper doesn’t, which adds to the overall vintage look!

At Apprintable, we’re always striving to work towards improving our environmental impact, that’s why we offer a range of green products and work with recyclable materials! We know just how important it is to adopt greener business practices, and we’re committed to that!


All of our manufacturing partners are registered with the forestry stewardship council, and we’re happy to work with our clients to deliver a printing service that’s as eco-friendly as possible. For more information, take a look at our environment page for some extra details, or give us a message!

If you’re in the UK, then we’re your number one choice for Kraft paper business cards! With incredible value for our kraft business cards, our top-notch graphic design service and free delivery included for the whole of the UK; there really is no-one better in our humble opinion!


We’re based in West London, delivering all over Britain straight from our Greenford print shop; that’s why we can guarantee we’re able to give you brilliantly high quality, without any not so brilliantly high prices. Since we’re locals you can even customise your production times and get your business cards as soon as the very same day!