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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 544.00

Whatever the occasion, create personalised Environmentally Friendly Entertaining

Part of our custom food packaging collection. We stock a plethora of takeaway goods including printed greaseproof paper sheets, paper ice cream cup printing, and even personalised paper beer mats.

Get the wheels turning at your next party with disposable personalised kids plates. A convenient, widely used, and portable product, custom-made photo plates are also fully biodegradable! Minimise your carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions with personalised kids plates and cups.

A plastic-free alternative to styrofoam disposables, the printed party plates are manufactured from plant-based compostable materials that are 100% food safe. Biodegradable disposables are constructed from non-toxic raw materials that degrade over time - releasing earth-friendly nutrients back into the natural world.

Custom Printed Paper Plates

Compliment ornate decorations and finger likin’ food with bio custom photo paper plates! Extremely versatile, personalised plates and cups can fulfill an abundance of professional and personal uses. From team buffets and seasonal barbecues, to office do’s and annual birthday parties, our paper plates can help you get organised in style.

What’s more, the personalised childrens plate and cup is ideal takeaway packaging. Increasingly used in the food or catering industry, cheap paper plates are an economical money saving and time-consuming option. Printed party plates are extremely lightweight but also contain an internal strength to hold food of all shapes and sizes.

Despite consumer behaviour and attitudes constantly changing, one thing is for certain, disposable personalised paper plates are undoubtedly in-demand. Fully customisable, adorn your disposable packaging with eye-catching patterns and striking visuals to enhance the appearance of the food. Printed party plates can also be paired with custom printed paper napkins and personalised paper cups for ultimate feasting!

  • 100% Natural paper plates
  • Plate Sizes: 9" Diameter
  • Single-use recyclable plates
  • Printed in 1 or 2 spot Pantone colours
  • Free UK delivery
  • Hot & Cold Food Safe

Not only are custom printed party plates ideal to kickstart celebrations, but they are eco-friendly. 100% food safe, the printed party plates are manufactured from plant-based compostable materials, which produces a lightweight and robust product - perfect for feasting!

Our biodegradable plates are 100% compostable because they are manufactured from earth-friendly fibres.