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Increase brand visibility with Custom Printed Tote Bags

Unfastened custom-printed tote bags with long handles are ideal for shopping and contain personal goods and accessories, such as a phone, purse, or ring. However, canvas weave tote bags are not only a means of transportation, make them sit in style with your jewellery! Cheap fabric bags are a popular and widely used promotional tool that puts your brand physically on display. Whether it's striped, patterned, gold, silver, or heart shapes you want, Apprintable can customise it the way you want.

A handycraft style fabric tote bag is unlike most forms of marketing because the exposure is not limited. Cotton bags that are textile made to perferction are a walking billboard. They have much more longevity than other marketing output and seamlessly promote your business to a highly visible public audience. Also perfect for events such as festivals and weddings for the bridesmaids etc.

If you have a range of marketing collateral, such as printed posters, laminated flyers or even promotional mugs, then personalised tote bags and personalised printed paper bags are a brilliant way to present them to prospective customers and showcase all your marketing material!

Branded full colour printed tote bags at Apprintable

Plain tote bags are a trendy staple of the UK high street that certainly commands attention. Cotton tote bags serve an abundance of professional usages: they can be used during events, conferences, and trade shows to welcome attendees, or handed out as a promotional giveaway to give back to loyal customers.

It’s time to upgrade your branded merchandise with our extensive range of cotton bags wholesale! Our wholesale organic cotton tote bags are produced from cotton, are fully customisable, and are reusable. The cotton bags are available in a plethora of colours; there is a shade to suit every company’s unique identity.

With free speedy delivery, a variety of professional templates, and an online design tool at your disposal, it is no surprise that we are the best in the business. Send us your pre-designed artwork or touch base with our in-house graphic design team and let’s create something special!, we have everything you need to get started. They're a perfect product for men and women and perfect for holding gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Contact us to find out more about shopping.

Coloured Tote Bag

  • 3-4Oz coloured cotton shopper bag with long handles
  • Bag Colours available: Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Pink, Yellow, Amber, Purple, Cyan, Grey
  • Size: 340mm x 395mm x 3mm
  • Print Area - 250mm x 250mm

Natural Tote Bag

  • 5Oz Shoppers are durable, reusable bags
  • Natural in colour Made with Cotton
  • Long handles
  • Size: 380mm x 420mm x 3mm
  • Print area: 250mm x 250mm

Why Get a Tote Bag?

A simple tote bag is a style of bag that is frequently big and uncomplicated in appearance. Simple tote bags are frequently used as gym bags, beach bags, and shopping bags. They often contain a single compartment or several compartments and are fashioned of durable fabrics like canvas or denim.

Simple designs or logos may be added as decorations to plain tote bags, which frequently feature handles or straps. Recycled materials, such plastic bottles, are used to make certain basic tote bags.

For carrying about daily stuff, plain tote bags are a cheap and useful solution. They can be personalised with a company's logo or message and are frequently used as promotional items.

There are several colours, sizes, and materials for plain tote bags. While some tote bags are built to be reused, others are only meant to be used once.

Interesting Facts About Our Personalised Tote Bags With Your Logo

  • A tote bag typically measures 14 inches length by 11 inches broad by 5 inches deep.
  • A typical tote bag has a carrying capacity of 20 pounds.
  • Cotton, canvas, or polyester are the main materials used to make tote bags.
  • Totes can have patterns printed on them or be left plain.
  • Typically, tote bags feature one or two handles.
  • Tote bags can be used for shopping, transporting personal belongings, or carrying resources for the classroom.
  • Tote bags can frequently be reused and are convenient.
  • The cost of tote bags is typically lower than that of other bags.
  • Usually, tote bags can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Tote bags are available in a wide range of hues and designs.

Useful Guides

The levels of customisation are entirely up to you! We recommend embroidering your tote bag with a bespoke design, brand logo, and relevant company information to let customers know it is you.

They predominantly serve as an easy carryall - a great accessory to help run food errands and go shopping with. However, cheap fabric bags are versatile and multi-purpose; hand them out as a customer giveaway, or use fabric bags during corporate events, the choices are endless! Also, the generous base size of tote bags means that there is plenty of space for printing - so start designing today, ensure prolonged visibility, and transform brand identity.

Yes! Not only are branded tote bags incredibly durable but they are reusable - a professional and eco-friendly alternative that is cheaper in the long run.

A strong cotton canvas material was used to create the tote bag. The handles are constructed from sturdy cotton webbing. The bag is closed with a zipper.

Without more details about the tote bag in question, it is difficult to respond to this topic. But generally speaking, tote bags can accommodate a good number of goods.
Compared to a smaller, more delicate tote bag, a tote bag made specifically for transporting groceries or a laptop will typically be larger and able to contain more stuff.

The tote bag is not water-resistant.

The tote bag maker can be cleaned, yes. It can be washed by hand or in a washing machine on the delicate cycle. Make careful to place it in a mesh laundry bag before machine washing it to prevent it from becoming tangled with other laundry.

No, there are no pockets on the tote bag.

The tote bag has a drawstring closure that tightens the bag shut. The drawstring is coloured the same as the bag and is constructed of the same material. When the bag is closed, the closure is hidden.