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Romance Wedding Table and Seating Chart

Lovely indeed! You’ll “wow” your guests with a table plan from our Romance selection. This product is pleasing to the senses and functional as well.


Guide your wedding attendees to their seats with style. The Romance wedding table plan will blend perfectly with your decor, whether you have a modern or traditional theme.


What are your tastes and fancy for your wedding table plan? Customise this feature according to what fits your needs. It’s splendid to add a personal touch to the set-up of your wedding party, and this product will help you do that!

Other than a seating chart, you can direct your guests to their tables using escort cards and place cards.

You can make it a keepsake. Hang it on your wall surrounded by your wedding photos. It will be a wonderful display in your new home!

First, get hold of the floor plan of your venue. Determine how many tables can fit in there. Choose the VIP seats and arrange groups on the rest of the tables. See to it that the seating arrangements are accommodating for everyone.