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Broaden your Horizons with Laminated Flyers Printing

There is no question about it; businesses are becoming increasingly preoccupied with digital channels in the modern age. At a first glance, one may assume that laminated brochure printing is an often overused and outdated form of marketing, however, this is certainly not the case!

Laminate finish printing flyers are an invaluable tool to promote your business and if done right, the results are monumental. Branded flyers are conceptually engaging, have high readability, and are a cost-effective way to promote your business.

Print and laminate flyers also act as a physical representation of your brand; a tangible form of marketing collateral that won’t get lost in junk mail. What’s more, flyers complement and work extremely well alongside digital platforms, each reinforcing the message of the other.

If you are not after Laminated Flyers and Leaflets Printing from our collection, take a look at an alternative where you can design and print A5 Flyers today!

Order Laminated Prints and Spread your Unique Brand Message

An extremely effective method of promotion, high gloss laminate sheets UK get all eyes focused on your business. From expanding your marketing output, and informing customers about new product launches or seasonal offers, to advertising an event, flyers are an impactful and inexpensive distribution method.

Laminated printing flyers can be strategically placed through the post, handed out to passers-by, or dropped through the letterbox. At Apprintable, we leave the distribution method up to you, however, our exceptional in-house graphic designers can help create a visually impressive flyer that ties into your brand identity.

Our promotional flyers are laminated with the choice of a luxurious matt, velvety soft-touch, or shiny gloss coating that extends the lifespan and protects the print. Available in a plethora of different sizes, and quantities, double or single-sided, and printed on a 450gsm paper weight, you are truly spoilt for choice with our high gloss laminate sheets!

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

Laminated flyer design template PSDLaminated Flyer template aiLaminated flyer design template pdf


Laminated Flyer Artwork Guideline

The customisable features are up to you; it is time to get creative! To really excel and design a visually appealing flyer, the content should be brief and include info in bitesize chunks. Laminate finish printing flyers should have an easy-readability, so divide content into digestible sections, use bullet points and infographics, a punchy heading, and relevant company information. In regards to the graphics, limit your font choice to two, incorporate your logo with a bespoke design, and lastly use a strong colour palette that supports your brand.

It is not just club promoters who order laminated prints. Individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, and even politicians use flyers to boost their marketing strategies. It is easy to see why laminated brochure printing is so popular - flyers are affordable, easy to produce, and target specific demographics. From personal trainers, the hospitality or events industry, to retail outlets, flyers are multifunctional and can deliver compelling targeted messages.

In a nutshell, a flyer is a paper advertisement that is often bulk printed for easy distribution in high traffic areas. Printed on single or double sides, a business flyer often contains a simple targeted message and eye-catching graphics. Promotional flyers are handy for just about any business!

Both a flyer and brochure have a similar impact, however the difference largely falls down to the paper stock that is used. A brochure contains multiple panels of information and folds; such as a trifold or a simple C-fold. In comparison, a flyer is usually composed on a flat sheet, so the content and visuals are much more concise. Flyers are great for catching the attention of new customers, whereas a brochure provides more information, is specialised, and particularly targets a desired audience.