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Serve Drinks, save the world with biodegradable cups

It seems as though everyone’s in a rush these days, and coffee to go is a staple of most people’s busy mornings. For businesses, this means running with the hustle and bustle is essential to keep your customers and brand moving! Printed disposable coffee cups are seemingly the only way to keep up, but what about the planet?

Custom disposable coffee cups are a great alternative to harmful, not to mention drab-looking, styrofoam cups. You can even avoid single-use plastics, but if you’re a brand that wants to make a difference then look no further! Apprintable offers custom printed biodegradable coffee cups, so you can serve drinks and save the planet without even trying.

The perfectly simple solution for businesses looking for a more sustainable way to serve drinks, our biodegradable cups are made from 100% compostable materials. Easy to dispose of in your food waste brown bin, and we deliver Vegware cups UK wide straight to your door. Switching to an earth-friendly alternative has never been easier with compostable and biodegradable paper cups!

When it comes to serving drinks, every business likes to do things differently. That’s why we offer a range of choices on our biodegradable disposable coffee cups, so every brand can go green with eco cups UK wide!

If you’re a stall looking for branded eco cups to serve refreshing cold drinks, we have single-wall paper cups with a pe coating brilliantly suited for ice-cold beverages. The ideal biodegradable paper cups for cold drinks!

Even if you’re a coffee shop, restaurant or even a hotel that needs a printed cup ideal for hot drinks we can help. Our double-wall paper cups are extra insulated to keep your customer’s drinks warmer for longer! The extra compostable layer lets you wave goodbye to any complaints about holding a hot cup; everyone’s a winner.

Custom biodegradable cups are a fantastic way to turn landfill into planet-friendly compost! On average, music festivals generate 23,500 tonnes of waste! If you need an environmental solutions company to stock up on recycled cups for a big event then we can help.

We deliver our biodegradable paper cups UK wide, and all at no cost! Even better, we sell our eco-friendly paper cups wholesale, with a massive order margin from 1,000 to 50,000 branded eco cups available. With unbeatable prices and perfect designs to get all eyes on your brand, we can get you all set for your next big event with no fuss.

Getting your eco cups branded is a brilliantly clever, not to mention low effort, way to get your brand identity out there. With our easy to use templates, as well as our bespoke design services, you can get an incredible looking eco compostable cups with an eye-catching design that’s sure to impress. With Apprintable you can turn run of the mill cups into a fantastic marketing opportunity, as well as a planet-saving mission!

  • Ecocup UK wide delivery at no cost!
  • Eco paper cups in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 7oz sizes
  • Compostable lids also available
Artwork Guidelines for Biodegradable Paper Cups coming soon

Not only are our eco paper cups completely recyclable, they can also be composted! Biodegradable coffee cups are an easy to recycle product, so you can do your bit for the planet without even trying. Simply dispose of these biodegradable cups in either a paper recycling or food waste bin and done!


When it comes to coffee cups, styrofoam takes more than half a century to break down and is incredibly difficult to recycle. Recyclable cups are a fantastic and greener alternative to usual styrofoam vending machine cups. Fully composted within a couple of months, and very easy to recycle, our branded eco cups are essential for any business looking to go green.

Here at Apprintable we like to give our customers as much room as possible to be as creative as you want. That’s why we print in full colour, so you’re free to be as bright as you like! We print using a CMYK colour format, for a vibrant and eye-catching print that’s sure to get your brand seen.


Custom disposable coffee cups, whether it’s paper or plastic, make for a fantastic marketing opportunity. With a bold design, you can count on getting your brand identity out there; and with an eco-friendly paper cup, you can go green while gaining brand recognition! Our full-colour print means your ripple cup can be as unique as your business, so you can create a one of a kind cup.

It’s important to us that all of our food items are 100% food safe, so we work hard to make sure that they’re completely up to the absolute highest standard! We know that you want to make sure you give your customers the best possible quality, so we strive to deliver the best food products available. All so your business gets fantastic looking products that are up to code.


We print your recyclable paper cups with food-safe inks, so you can go as colourful as you like without worrying about any chemicals that might get in the way!

We’re a green cup company based in the heart of West London. Proud locals, we deliver biodegradable cups UK wide to businesses from local cafes to bustling London restaurants! We’re a printer that likes to do things differently, so all of our products are one of a kind.


From our perfect print guarantee to our brilliant bespoke design service, we go the extra mile to get your business the best printed biodegradable coffee cup possible! We’re proud of our incredible prices, and the fact we never charge extra for delivery, no matter where you are in the UK. We even sell in bulk of up to 50,000 cups in one go, so no matter how big the event we’ve got you covered.

Not every drink is the same, so it makes sense that your sizes wouldn’t be the same either! We offer four different sizes of biodegradable coffee cups for every use, so you can stock up for whatever orders come your way.


  • 4oz
  • 7oz
  • 8oz
  • 12oz

Our 4oz cups are perfect for espresso cups, or even as a mini sample cup for a catering business or food stall! Big things come in small packages, and that’s never been truer than when it comes to espresso.

Our 7 and 8 oz cups are perfect for cold drinks and smaller hot drinks, whether you’re a busy cafe or serving cold drinks at a festival. When it comes to coffee and hot drinks, 12oz is perfect for large hot drinks, and with our double-wall insulation, you can keep them piping hot.

Currently, there can sometimes be some confusion when it comes to recycling paper since some businesses won’t recycle paper cups! A recup takes the confusion out of the equation. Our biodegradable paper cups are made out of paper and plant-based materials.


Coffee cup recycling is made simple since you only have to pop the cup in any paper recycling bin to do your bit for the environment. Our compostable packaging also means you can use any food waste bin to compost your cups since they fully biodegrade in just a couple of months!

If you already have a design ready we ask that you send it our way in either PDF or Ai format, so we can get a perfect print first time for your business! If you’re not quite there yet, then not to worry. We have plenty of tools to help you out, so your branded eco cups look incredible!


Our free online design tool guides you through the process of creating a one of a kind paper cup so you can be as unique as you like! Also on our website, our free templates make it a piece of cake to bring your perfect custom paper cup to life.

If you’re not too keen on designing, we have a team of brilliant in house graphic designers that are ready to help you create a professional bespoke design that’s sure to impress!

We’re doing our bit for the environment by going as green as possible with our range of environmentally friendly products! If you’re throwing an event or festival then take a look at our range of recycled flyers and recycled posters, all printed on 100% recycled paper!


Or if you’re a business in the service industry looking to get out on the scene and start networking, our recycled and brown kraft business cards are the perfect way to get your brand out in the public eye, without cutting down any trees in the process!

If you need any other paper-based food packaging, our ice cream cups are perfect for the summer months, and a great addition to festivals and beach businesses!