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Speak volumes about your brand with personalised coated paper labels

Our coated paper labels have an extraordinary range of interior usages – they are ideal for events, retail stores, supermarkets and so on. The printed labels on a roll contain a protective laminate which gives a professional appearance and super glossy finish.

The most exciting aspect of our printed self adhesive labels is that they are not limited to one surface material; more specifically, they can be stuck anywhere! From rough or curved surfaces to awkward packaging materials, the coated paper labels are extremely resilient and can be perfectly stuck onto any surface.

Why are coated paper labels a better alternative to vinyl or laminated stickers?

Unlike traditional vinyl labels or laminated stickers, coated paper labels not only look incredibly professional with a beautiful glossy finish, but they contain a robust material. In particular, the product label paper is unbreakable – our labels resist dirt, water, are weatherproof and require a small amount of ink for printing. Due to the labels non-absorbent nature, our coated labels are high-quality with a remarkably smooth surface which is inviting to touch.

The custom label printing is available in a glossy coating; perfect for a label that stands out and screams classy. Our coated paper labels are also available in a matte finish; great if you want a label that is quietly confident and contains a more subtle shine. We use a modern inkjet computer to print our coated labels because it delivers an exceptional quality and first-class image resolution.

Apprintable’s label printing service has a multitude of different printed options, designs and customisable features to choose from. Our coated labels have no limitations when it comes to design, we have an extensive list of colours, shapes, sizes and inks available.

Not only is the customisable aspect of our labels unrivalled, but they can be used in a myriad of industries; from craft beverages, spirits, magazines to small bakeries, to name a few. In addition, transparent label printing is a brilliant product for any corporate setting; they can be used on greeting cards, in presentations or business meetings.

You can always rely on Apprintable, the best printing company in London, to create bespoke and robust labels that should be incorporated into any branding, promotional or marketing strategy. Brand recognition and high-quality products or services is fundamental to any business and distinguishes you from competitors.

So, at an affordable price, quick delivery and unbeatable printed quality, our coated paper labels are the best choice to raise brand identity and awareness.

The coated paper labels:

  • Perfect full-colour labels
  • Custom Size paper labels
  • Cut to shape labels, draw your own shape using our tool
  • Enriched with a strong coating that is solvent-free
  • Free UK Delivery

The coated paper labels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and fully customisable designs. Visit our website or contact one of our customer service representatives to find out about the different size options and request a quote.

At present, we have seven different label materials for you to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can order any label to suit particular needs; we have a range of waterproof labels, polypropylene or metallic labels to choose from. Our coated paper labels contain a matte or gloss finish and are fully customisable; we tailor our products specifically for you.

Our coated paper labels are the best choice for any business because of their unique, durable and luxurious coating. Apprintable’s coated paper labels tie into any brand because they are innovative, make an impact and stand out in a crowded market. Not only do they look incredibly professional, but the coated paper labels are affordable, delivered quickly and printed on a robust, wearproof and water resistant material.

The labels are packed in a roll that is five hundred to a thousand meters long. Our rolls are wrapped tightly in a high-end polythene casing.

We offer a speedy delivery service! Generally, we aim to deliver you labels within a couple of days, but if you are pressed for time, we will ship your order within 24 hours.

You can order a minimum of 50 labels and a maximum of 50,000 labels - we are very flexible with the label quantity. Why not try a small batch of transparent label or even if you want to order wholesale labels please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

A digital copy is always sent to our clients before printing so you can review the label and let us know if you would like to make any changes. You can also order a small print run of 50 labels to ensure you perfect the job before printing labels in bulk.