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Stand out from the crowd with lifesize cardboard cutouts

Want to raise awareness for your brand in a creative and memorable way? Personalised cardboard cutouts are an enjoyable and unique accessory that should be used in any office or corporate event. Personalised Cardboard Cutouts can alternatively be used for informal events such as a Hen party, engagement parties, or if you simply just want a lifesize cut out of your favourite celebrity. The ideal gift to celebrate or welcome someone, our sturdy, free-standing, and realistic life-size printouts can be customised in a myriad of ways.

If you want to inform customers about any promotions or upcoming deals within your company, you can use a life-size cutout to convey information or a special message – a brilliant advertising tool that is sure to engage passers-by! The life-size cardboard cut-out can be produced up to 2-meters high and up to 1-meter wide, and the support leg can be folded easily.

Fully Personalised Cardboard Cutouts

Our cardboard standees are printed on bubble boards rather than traditional cardboard as it offers much greater strength and durability.

Our Custom Cardboard Cutouts are fully customisable, you can add text, speech bubbles, emojis, specific designs, and much more to your printout to let your promotional stands be the highlight of any event. We use high-end materials, technologically advanced printers, and accurate cutting techniques to produce a high-quality photo on a fantastic personalised cardboard cutout.

The best possible products and Fast delivery

We offer a speedy delivery service on incredibly low-priced cardboard cutouts, and we keep you informed throughout the whole manufacturing ordering process. If you require additional information or want to learn more about our other fantastic products available, don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives!

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Alternatively, if you are looking for a personalised quote, you can request a quote in the ‘Order’ tab section.

  • Fully customisable life-size cutouts
  • Affordable and at competitive prices
  • Can be designed online using our free template
  • Create Funny Characters for any occasion, Party, product launches at trade shows
  • Created with Computer-aided cutting machines

The ordering process follows an easy step-by-step system. Input your personalised artwork, choose the quantity required, version, product size and then press the ‘Order Now’ button. You can use our online design tool, you can customise it to your heart's content! Add images, clipart, emojis, or text to your supersize print and once you are happy with the design, upload onto our website and proceed with your order.

When selecting an image, make sure it contains all bodily features including hands, arms, and legs so the three-dimensional cutout retains a strong resemblance. In addition, your choice of the image should be detailed, clear, and not pixelated – the image should be at least 300dpi and from experience, photos taken on a professional camera look best.

The life-size cardboard cutouts are 2-meters high and 1-meter wide. If you require any additional information, contact us for any questions, queries, or professional design advice.

The product and delivery time are dependent on the total quantity of your order. On average, delivery can take up to 6-7 days and if you order more than one life-size cutout, then delivery might take a little longer for all orders in the UK.

Our Cutouts are manufactured on bubble boards as opposed to regular cardboard. This provides additional protection and strength to the cutout and allows for a high-quality photo to be printed onto the surface.

In order to turn your artwork into a Personalised Cardboard Cutout, we use a wide format print for all products over the size of A5. During the cutting process, we use a laser-cut tool for added precision and accuracy to give the Cutout a sharp, clear look.