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Art Deco Table Seating Plan

Something cool and classic for your wedding party- an elegant art deco table plan! Your guests will be amazed at your reception decor with this lovely-looking seating chart. They’ll be pleased to look for their seats with its well-organised and attractive content.


Whether you’re hosting a modern or traditional wedding, this unique table plan design will perfectly blend in! Attendees of your wedding will find their seats with style as your reception venue perks up with classy decoration.


You can customise your art deco table plan according to your taste, needs and fancy. Design this wedding feature on your own or with the help of a professional to produce the best result!

Normally, it is 18” x 12”. But if you want something larger, go for a 24” x 36” size.

You should have it printed by a professional, and not just by hand. Seat the right people alongside each other and be conscious of their individual needs. As long as appropriate, you can mix seating people according to their personalities.

Fonts on a seating chart tend to be larger than place cards. Go for at least 16pt to 24pt for your seating chart font. Escort card tents are smaller, so their font would be apt at 14pt to 16pt.

Other than organising your guests’ seating, a seating chart also helps to maximise the venue space that you’ve paid for.