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Waterproof Vinyl Printed Labels: Bang on Trend Marketing

It is easy to see the benefits of using waterproof sticky labels - not only does it establish your unique brand identity, but it sets your products apart from the crowd. White waterproof labels have the capacity to boost brand recognition and should be incorporated into any promotional, sales, or marketing campaign.

Decorative and attractive vinyl labels will certainly grab the attention of prospective customers and serve their primary function - to convey relevant information about the product enclosed. It is imperative that product labels are durable, weatherproof, and contain a strong adhesive back.

layers for waterproof labels

Custom Waterproof Printed Labels

Don’t pay the price by cutting-corners with low-quality labels, our waterproof vinyl laser printer labels are a cost-effective and brilliant investment. Our multi-purpose waterproof vinyl stickers are a bestseller for a reason - they are proven to withstand harsh environments and contain a printed ink that remains legible over time.

As the go-to label printing service in London, we know a thing or two about exceptional print and customer service. In our London print shop, we are brimming with bespoke labels; perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Want to bring on the bubbly? Don’t make any poor decisions, invest in our bottle label printing and transparent labels for the ultimate brand celebration! Looking for a hard-wearing and unbreakable label that can stand the test of time - Laminated paper labels and Polypropylene labels are certainly fit for the job.

Our multifunctional Waterproof vinyl laser printer labels meet the needs of all sectors and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Below is a comprehensive analysis of how waterproof labels cater to specific industries:

beverage label waterproof

Waterproof Beverages Labels

Our laser printer labels waterproof are extremely popular with companies that manufacture beverages. From mineral water, soft non-alcoholic alternatives, to alcoholic bottles including spirits, wine, and beer, waterproof sticky labels are a fantastic accessory for any beverage. Not only do they look incredibly appealing, but they withstand freezers, wet-hands, and condensation that forms from the refrigerator.

Cosmetics Labels

Cosmetic products such as shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and face cleansers, inevitably come into contact with water. Thus water resistant labels are a highly effective product because they are resistant to water, heat, and moisture.

Waterproof Food Labels

Laser printer labels waterproof suit every stage of the food production process. Whether you require a label that withstands chilled or frozen temperatures, a heat resistant self-adhesive label, or a printed barcode label, waterproof labels are extremely robust and ideal for food manufacturers.

waterproof food packaging labels

Shipping labels

It goes without saying that shipping labels must be strong and weather-resistant. Waterproof vinyl laser printer labels withstand volatile weather conditions, preserve the printed ink, and are tearproof; hence they are preferred because they contain a high-quality resilient material!

Printed waterproof labels

Waterproof Vinyl Printed Labels are available in a plethora of different sizes, shapes, and vibrant colours. Whilst rectangle, square, and circle shapes are a popular choice for standard labels, our waterproof vinyl stickers can be cut into any bespoke shape. Our waterproof labels contain a strong adhesive back to remain firmly stuck onto products once applied and are available in a gloss coated, gloss laminated, and matt laminated finish.

Robust and cost-effective waterproof labels

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On our site, you can order a maximum of 20,000 waterproof labels, but if you require more, please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to accommodate your particular needs.

Our size options range from:

  • Width: 30 mm (minimum)/ 300 mm (maximum)
  • Height: 20 mm (minimum)/ 300 mm (maximum)

You can choose from the traditional rectangle, square, and circle shapes. However, our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that you can produce any bespoke shape to fit into your unique brand identity.

Our labels are weatherproof, water resistant, and tear resistant! We use a technologically advanced printer to ensure our resilient waterproof labels withstand harsh weather conditions and volatile environments.

Please allow up to 5-6 days for delivery and international delivery may take a little longer.

The price range is dependent on a variety of different factors - some of which include the quantity of your order, the size, design, and the finalised coating. At Apprintable we are the pioneers in print and offer a range of high-quality products, with fast delivery, and unbeatable prices.

We use a sticky adhesive back to ensure that the label remains firmly stuck onto products and can also withstand heat, water, moisture, or cold temperatures!

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority, we never compromise on printed quality. We offer samples of our previous work so that you can see, first hand, our amazing products.