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Business Cards Magnets that stick around!

If you’re a brand that likes to think outside of the box (or the fridge as it were) then Apprintable’s magnetic business cards are perfect for you! A clever alternative to regular business cards, our business card magnets will make sure your business is one that cannot be missed! No more dropped cards at corporate events, accidental bin tips and being forgotten about in a wallet; these business magnets are sure to stick in your client’s minds. We sell our magnetic business cards UK wide, popular with lots of businesses, anyone who wants their message to spread has a safe bet with us!

Nowadays business cards are still an effective way to network, and we’re always finding new and inventive ways to show off our brands at big events or associate meetings. Magnetic business cards are a modern solution to an old problem; how do I keep my brand in people's minds?

Our magnet printing service offers a simple way to keep your business in the viewpoint of customers! Perfect for handing out at customer events, corporate meetings and in client orders! Easy to pop in anywhere, for a low effort and high impact brand recognition campaign! And with us, you know that there’s no danger of your business magnet being lost in the bin.

We tailor every design experience to each business we work with, we know how important it is for your brand to stand out from the crowd, and that’s why we deliver a fully personalised service as unique as your brand is! We let you design fridge magnets online that include everything your business is about! We even deliver a bespoke design service, so you can have a magnetic business card with a professional design crafted by our very own designers.

Our fridge magnet printing service is a popular choice all over Britain, with more and more brands opting to go for branded fridge magnets UK wide for promoting their business!

  • Free delivery included
  • 300gsm magnetic paper
  • Matt, Gloss or Soft touch lamination
  • Long-lasting and durable material
  • Fridge magnet printing

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

Magnetic business card template psdMagnetic business card template aiMagnetic business card template pdf


Magnetic  artwork guidelines

We give our customers delivery completely free on our magnetic business cards! We deliver our personalised magnets UK wide, all with no cost, everything is included in the cost of your order. There’s nothing worse than being forced to pay expensive shipping just to receive your products, so we’ve decided to get rid of any risk of any hidden costs. If you like we’ll send you a full itemised receipt so you can see exactly where your money is going.


If you need super speedy delivery, we can help you there too! We can speed up our production rate so you can have your custom made magnets even sooner, with production ranging from economy, standard and express. If you need your business magnets any sooner feel free to get in touch with us for details and more info!

Even with our customised magnets we offer a range of options so you get the perfect unique business magnet that shows off your brand and looks incredible. The type of finish you go with is a subtle touch that makes all the difference when it comes to creating the ideal business card for your brand. We offer four different finishes with our magnetic business cards; unlaminated, matt lamination, soft-touch lamination and gloss lamination. All of these coatings add a unique twist to your cards, all you have to do is decide which one you want!


If none of our laminating options jumps out at you, you can always go for an unlaminated finish! An economical choice that doesn’t sacrifice design quality, unlaminated magnets are a little cheaper than our laminated options so they’re the most budget-friendly option!

Like to stand out? Why not go for our gloss lamination finish? This finish gives your business magnets a polished and almost reflective final look, an eye-catching finish that’s sure to keep your brand in people's minds. Gloss lamination is also a practical choice, as it’s fingerprint-proof. The daily dive for the fridge will be no match for your business card!

Our soft-touch lamination does exactly what it says on the tin and more. Soft-touch lamination is a water-based coating to compliment your magnetic business cards! With this finish, you get a soft and velvety feel; perfect for businesses looking for a subtle touch to elevate their product quality.

Our matt lamination option is a unique feel. The lamination feel adds an extra touch of uniqueness to your business magnet, and the lamination protects your magnet from any wear or tear; even from fading!

If you’re not sure which finish to go for, feel free to get in touch for any design advice!

We offer two different sizes with our business cards, alongside all our other personalisable options! We have our standard business card sized custom fridge magnets at 85mm x 55m and our square business card option at 55mm x 55mm.


85mm x 55mm cards are the almost universally used dimension for business cards, and are thanks to their enduring popularity they’re instantly recognisable as being for a business! Plenty of room for all the essential info but compact enough to be handed out easily, these magnets are popular for good reason!

Our 55mm x 55mm business magnets add a little twist of originality to your final magnet, with an alternative to the standard size that’s sure to get people’s attention! We also give you a choice between a rounded corner or a regular corner, just to make your finished product even more personal to your brand!

Our entire service is fully personalised to fit our clients, no two orders are the same and every product is designed and printed with care, so your business magnet lives up to your standards. Since our magnetic business cards come in the same dimensions as our paper cards there’s plenty of room for a fantastic design.


Whether you would like your logo or business slogan to be centre stage, or an original design created courtesy of us, there’s plenty of room to shine. A well-designed business card goes a long way, so we’ll make sure all of the important info to reel your clients in.

Business cards are a tried and tested method of networking that has stayed a staple of any brand even into the new digital age, so why not mix it up? Regular business cards often have an unfortunate habit of getting lost in the street during canvassing campaigns, ending up forgotten on the table at big meetings and being stuck in a wallet never to be seen again! With magnetic business cards however, you can be sure they’ll stick around for a while.


An unmissable card gets your foot in the door when it comes to brand recognition, and our custom fridge magnets will make sure all of your customers keep your business in mind.

Any business looking to branch out into more brand recognition opportunities would love these business magnets! A brilliantly clever way to get your brand message out there, these magnets are ideal for anyone with a wide range of clientele.


From construction companies to hotels. From spas to cleaning crews, these magnetic business cards are a versatile product that works with a range of customers. All you have to worry about is having a great custom made magnet with all of your contact info and promotional details to bring the customers in!

These personalised business magnets are a unique alternative to the usual business card, so you can distribute them in a unique way as well! Of course, they’re still great for handing out at corporate events or really wowing potential clients and associates at your next big meeting; even pop them in with customer bills for a freebie that goes the distance for you!


Magnets make for great additions to goodie bags at any big business event, or any sort of convention where you’re expecting to meet lots of new clients!

Promoting your business is important no matter what your budget is, and moreover, it shouldn’t cost a bomb to show off your brand! That’s why here at Apprintable, we do everything we can to offer our customers the lowest prices we can without scrimping on the quality of our products, which is pretty high if we say so ourselves! That’s why we offer our clients a cheap fridge magnet printing service that looks great and puts you at the top of your game!