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Break the mould with a square business card

If you’re a business that likes to do things differently and needs a business card with an out of the box twist to the garden variety networking accessory then look no further! A change-up of usual business cards sizes Apprintable’s square business cards are a subtle twist that goes the extra mile in getting your brand out there.

Show everyone what your business has to offer with a brilliantly designed square card that’s as one of a kind as your brand is! When it comes to a standout unforgettable introduction to your business the devils in the details. So why not go for unique shaped business cards to make sure your business steals the show from the very first meeting?

Small square cards are a fantastic and compact way to get potential clients and future associates talking about your business! Brilliant for a snappy introduction to your brand, with plenty of space for letting your possible customers know exactly what to look forward to with your business.

Our square card printing services are ideal for the classic business card format; all of your contact info and a little extra about our business. And of course, there’s always plenty of room for incredible business cards designs that’s sure to get all eyes on you.

Fantastic print that really delivers (quickly)

Getting a one in a million business card has never been easier (or as cost-effective) than with Apprintable. We offer a printing service that, in our opinion, is second to none! With super-speedy turnaround times, you can look forward to receiving the perfect square cards for your business and personal needs quicker than a flash.

You can even customise your production speed, so you can personalise your delivery to fit your schedule. We understand that when it comes to running a business time is precious, so we can even deliver within one working day! Our quick delivery means you don’t need to waste any more time waiting around for deliveries and get started on what really matters to you and your brand.

Low cost, high quality

Here at Apprintable, we’re proud to offer so much more than print. Our team always strives to deliver the highest possible quality when it comes to our printing services, and the proof is in the pudding! We offer more than half a dozen different paper types for our square business cards, so there’s plenty of options to choose from.

We cut business cards to suit every brand; from sustainable and eco-conscious paper options to luxury heavy paper weights there’s a paper feel that’s perfect for everyone. We even offer both single-sided print and double-sided print for our square business cards, so you can choose exactly how much you want to say.

We never scrimp on quality, but we couldn’t blame you for thinking about it after looking at our prices! We’re proud to offer the best prices in London for our business card design and print services. Our team is based right in the heart of West London and ships our cheap square business cards all over Britain.

We design, print and ship right out of the UK; so we can offer fantastic value on our square business cards. Even if you’re a small business, we’re perfect if you need a great business card that doesn’t put a dent in your budget.

  • Square card printing UK
  • Lamination - Matt, Gloss or Soft Touch
  • Free Square Business card templates
  • Size - 55mm x 55mm
Artwork Guidelines for Square Business Cards coming soon

The square business card size UK cm is 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm, which is around 2.16 inches if you’re interested in the specifics. They’re just a tad smaller than your standard sized business card which are 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm. This might seem like a bit of a squeeze when it comes to fitting everything about your business, but in reality, they’re a brilliantly compact bit of marketing kit!

Often when it comes to introducing your business to (hopefully) future clients or to new business associates less is often more when it comes to leaving a great first impression. Networking for brand recognition can often be a little awkward but perfectly designed small square business cards can do half the talking for you. That’s where we come in!

With your dream design as well as double and single-sided print there’s loads of space for you to impress everyone with a professional business card; the best way to make sure you leave a great first impression.

We offer a double-sided and single-sided printing service that fits every business design needs! Both are great options that are cost-effective and have a high impact on your business, but if you’re not too sure which to go for we can give you a hand.

Our square business cards come uncoated; which in printer-speak means without any lamination. This gives your card a classic and naturally textured look, and the benefits are more than aesthetic!

Uncoated business cards are the perfect texture for writing on. If you’d like to jot down personalised messages, single-sided cards are a fantastic way to leave plenty of room on your card! They’re also a little cheaper so they’re budget-friendly for everyone.

If you fancy making the most of the space on your card to give out even more info to your customers then double-sided printing is perfect for you! Ideal for a mini price list or a quick rundown of what your business can offer, double-sided printing gives you double the space to get creative.

We have more than half a dozen different options on offer for our square business cards, so there’s a perfect option for every business!

We get that when it comes to designing your perfect business card every detail that goes into your card is important. So if you’re not sure which option suits your business best, then we can help you out.

Rives Shetland is a unique textured feel paper, that gives your square business card a professional look. This paper is perfect for giving an understated texture that almost looks like wool, perfect for anyone looking for high-quality invites!

If you want to add even more originality to your square cards with a slick textured print, look no further! Rives dot paper stock has a stylish and very in vogue geometric dot pattern for a subtle touch. Brilliant for businesses that want to add an extra touch of originality to their business cards.

The last member of the rives paper family on our list, Rives tweed, is another uncoated textured paper that adds an extra oomph to your card. The understated paper design is in the name, with the design giving your card a woven look. Our tweed paper cards give a high-quality luxury feel to your business cards.

If you’re looking to take your business onto new and greener pastures, we have eco-friendly options that are the perfect match for businesses looking to up their sustainability.

Our classic recycled uncoated paper gives you the quintessential business card look, with the added bonus of being made from completely recycled paper! If you prefer a rustic and homespun look, our brown kraft cards are great for businesses for an alternative to classic business cards with a unique look. Easy for marketing and easy on the environment these paper types let you have your cake and eat it too.

Of course, we also have timeless silk business cards! These cheap square business cards are printed on a sturdy 400gsm paper with a glossy finish for a look that gives high quality for a great price! We also have our heavy-duty 400gsm available uncoated, just for an extra bit of choice for you.

If you’re unsure which option is best for you then don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, or give us a bell to chat with our friendly sales team.

If you’re a little stuck on the design process, don’t worry we can help you get the perfect design for your square business cards without any fuss or fretting! We have a square card template that works across three different formats, so you can bring your ideas for your square business cards to life in no time at all.

Simply follow our free business card templates and send the design our way, and we can take your square templates to print! We’ll even send you mockups of your finished square card, so you can make any last-minute changes to get your ideal square business card.

If you’re not too keen on designing then no worries, we’re proud to have a team of graphic designers based at our print shop and office in Greenford! We can help to create a professionally designed bespoke square card that’s guaranteed to impress and make your business the centre of attention.