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Total (ex. VAT) :£ 37.00

Make a bold statement with Apprintable's triplex business cards also known as triple layer business cards


Multi Layered Business Cards, allows you to give a subtle touch to your business cards. Triple Layered Business cards give you a chance to implement your brand colour, choose out of our choice of 12 colours

Stand out and a create different look, Triplex business cards are a simple twist that can go a long way. These are perfect for the business looking to shake things up and add a modern twist to a classic business card.

Our thick 920gsm multi-layered business cards are sure to leave a lasting impression. Inspire your clients with your luxury business cards.

  • Choose from several middle color for your Tripple layer business cards impress your client by choosing a variety of colours reflecting your brand giving them a high end business cards for a high end service.
  • Cheap luxury business cards London. Business cards collection available.
  • Single and Double Sided business card printing with full-colour printing.
  • Free Business Card Delivery within UK
  • Use our free business card template

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!


artwork guidlines psd template triple layer business cardsartwork guidlines ai template Multilayer Businesscardsartwork guidlines pdf template Multi-Layered Business Cards






Apprintables Luxury business cards are made up of a centred colour core (of your choice) that is placed between two white cards this results in a thick and yet, at 920gsm your luxury business cards will have a rigid feel to them topped with your matt lamination you will have a high end slick looking business card. Choose from welve centre colours for your triple layer business card.

A Triple layered business card is a fast way to share all of your companies important contact details, the perfect way to introduce people to your business and exchange company/contact information.

Yes certainly, Apprintable can produce white ink text. That being said the results may not come out the way you imagine, ordinarly black text ink produces better results.

Several products work well with triplex business cards; Tyvek Wristbands, Compliment Slips, A6 Flyers, letterheads & Branded coffee cups.

Yes of course, bulk business cards is an area we specialise in. So much so we have developed a platform, Toolkits, that allows larger companies to quickly and simply order multiple versions of business cards. Contact us to find out more regarding this

For the best quality premium business card, we would require you print files to be in either PDF format or Ai format. Use our free business card template to design your own premium business cards.

Our Triplex Business Cards’ printed finish size is 85 x 55 mm

We advise people to look at the next 6 – 12 months of their company. Baring in mind hiring and title changes projected within that time period, there isn't a 'correct' amount of business cards. Still finding it difficult? Contact us for more information.

When printing without a bleed there is a small chance that the paper trimmer can leave a white border around the art work. A bleed stops you having a white border around your product.

Apprintable are one of London Printers, we are very competitive when it comes to luxury business cards online. Specifically based in West London, if you are looking for Greenford Printers we are likely to be your best option.

Yes, on certain products Apprintable can grant same day delivery. Contact us for more details.

If triple thick business cards are not the product you are looking for, we are sorry to hear this. Due to the vast amount of promotional products, we are in the process of upload all of them. If you require it, we will meet your needs. Request a quotation for more details.