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A Triple layer business cards for maximum impact to your brand

If you’re looking for a printer that offers high-end business cards to wow your customers and gives your brand the first impression you deserve, you’re in the right place!

We offer you layered cards for maximum impact on your potential clientele. Our luxury business cards are one of our best selling products, and it’s clear to see why. These triple layered business cards are a showstopping option for any brand looking to inspire their customers with fantastic luxe paper business cards, and increase their brand recognition at the same time!

Even in the age of email campaigns and social media, triple-layered business cards are still one of the most popular ways for brands to spread the word about their business, and it’s no wonder! The ultimate tool for networking, our luxurious business cards are ideal for corporate events where you want to make a splash.

Printed on triple layer paper, our layered business cards give a heavy-weight feel; which gives your business a professional and high-quality look and gets customers interested in your brand. We have a range of a dozen colours to choose from, so whether you need black textured business cards, pink business cards or even a light pastel business card; we’ve got the perfect option to suit your unique brand identity.

Layered business cards come in two different triple layer card dimensions, and our design process is fully personalised to suit your business! With us, you know you’re getting a one of a kind business card to fit your one of a kind brand.

Say goodbye to one size fits all templates and start designing your own luxury business cards online. If you like, we even offer a bespoke design service for your triple business cards to create an incredible card that shows off everything your business has to offer and all for a brilliantly low price.

Impress your client by choosing a variety of colours reflecting your brand giving them a high-end business card for high-end service.

  • Choose from a dozen middle colour for your Triple-layer business cards
  • Luxury business cards, only because we have unbeatable prices!
  • Single and Double Sided multi-layered business card printing with full-colour printing
  • Use our free business card template and free online design tool!
  • Learn about business cards same day printing options

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

artwork guidlines psd template triple layer business cardsartwork guidlines ai template Multilayer Businesscardsartwork guidlines pdf template Multi-Layered Business Cards


business card artwork guidlines

Triple-layered are pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!

Printed on heavy paper stock, layered cards are brilliant for leaving a great impression on your customers, with a luxurious feel to give a professional to your clients. Triple-layer business cards are essentially double thickness with two white cards, with a bright coloured inlay layer sandwiched between! This combo leaves you with heavy business cards that are guaranteed to make your customers, potential clients and future associates say “wow”

With triple-layered paper, you’ll get quality business cards that show off just how high quality your brand really is! Layered cards add a high end, unique and modern spin on the standard business card.

Triple-layered business cards are already brilliantly sturdy and have a heavy business card feel that’s always a hit for showing off at big events. However, at Apprintable we believe in offering our customers the best quality products for promoting their business, we understand that first impressions are forever, that’s why we make sure that your business card is perfect!

We offer a matt lamination on our layered cards, absolutely perfect for luxe business cards. Matt lamination gives a smooth, slick and stylish look to your triple business cards so you can network confidently with a fantastic looking card to flash!

Simple! Triple-layered business cards give you a luxurious business card, that’s stylish, sensible and sturdy!

A combined total 920 gsm paper, that gives you a perfectly pragmatic business card right out the gate; sturdy and incredibly durable, these heavy business cards give you a card you can count on! No cards wasted by unsightly creases or accidental tears, our triple-layer business cards are top of the line when it comes to sturdiness.

Layered cards also give a modern twist on your garden variety, and lets you put your own unique spin on the usual look with our variety of bright inlays available.

We actually offer two different sizes of our triple business card! Our triple-layer card dimensions give you even more variety in your design process so your finished business card is truly one of a kind!

If you’d like an all-purpose and classic size, our standard option is perfect for you! We offer 85mm x 55mm triple-layered paper cards, which is the standard business card size in the UK. This is a timeless option that suits everyone! Great for putting on display in your business or popping into customer bills!

We also offer our square triple layer business cards. If your brand is one that likes to think outside of the box, so to speak, this business card dimension is brilliant for you. A little smaller than the standard business card at 55mm x 55mm they’re brilliant for carrying at corporate events and are sure to make your business stand out.

The middle layer colour, or inlay colour, is the card that will feature smack bang in the middle of the two pieces of white card that make up your business card. The bright middle colour is what bumps your card up from double thickness to triple layers, and is sure to draw attention to your brand.

It’s the little things that make the perfect business card and with our triple-layered business cards, the colour is everything! That’s why we offer our customers a dozen different shades to choose from, so you have the perfect inlay to represent your brand image!

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pastel Green
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Pastel Pink
  • Orange

We understand that when it comes to promoting your business and enticing new customers, only the best will do. That’s why we’ll always make sure you’re 100% happy with your layered cards before we go to print.

During the design process, you can get a digital proof of your cards to make sure that your card will turn out completely perfect for your brand. We want you to be happy with how good our high-quality business cards are before you even decide to order with us!

Not at all! We understand that time is a precious commodity, and between last-minute meetings, long commutes and the daily email ping-pong there’s just not enough hours in the day.

That’s why we’ve decided to make our design process as easy as possible, so you can get a brilliant triple layered business card that looks fantastic and shows off your brand and everything your business has to offer without eating up your whole day.

We offer free online templates that are available in three different formats, for an incredibly easy design process. All you have to do is follow our template and send it our way and we’ll print fantastically high-quality luxe business cards with your very own design. We also have a free design tool for our business cards. Perfect for bringing your ideas to life and giving you a brilliant design.

If you’re stuck for time, low on ideas or just plain don’t like designing; why not leave the arty stuff to us?

Simply take a look our professional Business card designer London, we have talented graphic designers with a wealth of experience in creating one in a million designs to the highest standards for many high profile clients, and are more than happy to help you out!

Tell us what you’d like your business card to look like, and we can turn even the roughest of ideas into a beautifully designed finished layered card that will really impress your customers! With a professional and personalised design, you can draw in new customers, and really up your brand recognition opportunities.

We have created a Printkit just for many businesses like this, and we encourage you to get in contact with us on

We create a business card template for your business and you can load their names, position and numbers or whatever you choose to be an editable field. The advantage of this is that you do not have to keep applying your brand logos and remember the positioning each time, it improved accuracy and saves time.

With all this, it means we can offer businesses like yours our low prices. Giving you the freedom to order as many-layered cards as you need without worrying about extortionate prices. Choose from 50 to 500 available in one order, so even if you’re stockpiling for the future or kitting out your whole office, we’ve got you covered.