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Incorporate Personalised Lanyards with logos into your Marketing Campaign

Looking to compliment your lanyards, we produce everything to make your event ‘pop’;

If you have attended conferences, trade shows, or business conventions, then it is safe to say that you have received a reasonable amount of branded lanyards. With the business world so competitive today, companies are looking for innovative ways to stand out. A strategic marketing stunt, lanyard printing gets your brand identity physically out there into the minds of prospective customers by being worn on the body.

Promotional lanyards are versatile and useful products that can find themselves in the everyday lives of customers. To put it simply, custom lanyards are used by all walks of life. Not only are they a staple for business conventions, but the rainbow lanyard can be used at festivals, as office badges, school lanyards, and staff lanyards.

Often used to carry cell phones, tickets, ID cards, or keys around the neck, personalised lanyards are multifunctional, practical, and can resonate instantly with customers. Promotional lanyards allow people to move freely around in buildings and also provide that extra level of security for corporations, hospitals, conventions, backstage passes, and much more!

Succeed in strengthening your brand identity with lanyard printing online! What’s more, personalised lanyards the UK are easy to produce, simple to use, and an economical business tool that won’t burn a hole in your budget.

Fulfil your marketing purposes, boost brand recognition, and increase sales by saturating customers with a constant barrage. This, in turn, allows your brand identity to reach new heights as it now becomes visible, through familiar recognition, to a public audience.

Design your own Lanyard at Apprintable

As critically acclaimed online printers, we print lanyards in a soft-to-touch smooth polyester fabric! Get lanyards printed and promote not only your company name, but also the mission statement, logo, sponsorship, and even a mascot.

Sprinkle some personality onto your business with our custom lanyards! Available in one or full colour and with the addition of a clip, send a powerfully branded message to prospective customers with lanyard printing.

Browse through our professional free templates, start designing with our online design tool, or touch base with one of our in-house graphic designers and let’s create something worth holding on to!

  • Available in single-colour print or full-colour printing
  • Choose your hook, keychain or badge holder attachment
  • Fully customisable
  • Smooth satin polyester
  • Low cost and free delivery included
  • Available with a clip and some additional features: tension clip, croc clip split ring safety break, and badge reel

A decorative piece of fabric worn around the neck, clipped onto pockets, or wrapped on wrists, custom printed lanyards enable the wearer to have identification passes. They can also be used to hold keys, pens, mobile phones, or any other personal items that can be clipped to and carried with ease.

In general, businesses predominately choose to manufacture custom lanyards because they are a cost-effective, practical, and versatile marketing tool. Embroider your company name, logo, slogan, and corporate colours onto the lanyard to increase brand recognition. Printed lanyards also double up on security levels as employees become easily recognisable to a specific company.

Branded lanyards offer a plethora of benefits for the wearer. Not only a convenient and safe place to keep ID cards, custom lanyards are stylish, comfortable, and designed to tie into a businesses exact requirements.

Our custom lanyards can be bulk ordered up to 10,000 at a time! If you were looking to purchase one lanyard, simply contact our sales representatives for more information.

For the biggest impact, make sure your lanyard resonates with your brand identity. We suggest including:

  • Company logo
  • Slogans
  • Custom colours that are recognisable and tie into your company’s colour scheme