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Gloss Antibacterial Laminate Front and Back
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Clean Greeting cards that kill 99% of Bacteria

Although we live in a digitally savvy age, high-quality greeting cards sent through the post are impactful and mean a lot to both the sender and recipient.

Greeting cards are a great means for communication, to keep in touch with loved ones and convey a range of emotions. Laminate cards are sentimental and speak more volumes than emails, e-cards, or even phone and skype calls. Greeting cards are sent out for special occasions such as engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations. They are also widely used to commemorate holidays or seasons in the calendar from Halloween, Valentine’s Day to Christmas.

Everyone has a different reason to send cards - that is what makes them so special and universally cherished. The unlimited levels of customisation and sentimental value each card retains outlines why they are truly wonderful to receive.

At Apprintable, we do not do things half-heartedly; that is why we have developed innovative and revolutionary antimicrobial greeting cards! Printed on a luxurious, silky-smooth, and special antibacterial laminate, the greeting cards are a real spectacle. Add an extra layer of antimicrobial protection and a touch of sparkle this Christmas.

Cannot write on Gloss Laminated Card in pen or pencil

You have the option to laminate with Antibac double-sided, please note if you do this gloss lamination cannot be written on.

Our Antibacterial lamination that destroy 99% of bacteria goes a long way, as the demand grows for this need we have also created an Antibacterial menu

For a card that is widely touched and circulated from hand to hand, our antibacterial printed cards prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms from mutating. Did we mention they kill 99% of bacteria after a single use! The greeting cards with antimicrobial lamination protect you and the quality of the print. Not only are the cards waterproof, tearproof, and manufactured with a robust laminate, but they have a glossy finish that looks incredibly appealing and shimmers in festive lighting.

Go the extra mile and show the recipient you truly care about them and their safety. Whatever it is, Laminated Christmas cards are the gift that keeps on giving, part of our Laminated flyer printing solution and Christmas print collection.

The antibacterial film ensures long-lasting protection against spillages, handling, and dirt. Available in sizes A6-A4 and with up to 1,000 greeting cards to be bulk ordered, this is a brilliant Christmas gift to send to colleagues or co-workers and show them how cherished and special they are. Customise your laminated greeting printing with an elaborate and festive design, personal message, or brand logo, to name a few.

The greeting cards are both visually appealing and reduce the risk of bacteria and cross-contamination, it is no wonder they are immensely popular.

The greeting cards:

  • Cost-effective and reasonably priced
  • Full coverage and customisation
  • Available in a range of sizes A6, A5 & A4
  • Durable, tearproof, and waterproof
  • High-quality print, high sheen laminate, and luxurious finish
  • Delivered quickly and completely free

Firstly, head to our website and choose a preferred size, which ranges from A6-A4, and then decipher how many greeting cards you wish to order. The levels of customisation are up to you and with full coverage, print anything from brand logos, catchy slogans to a personalised message. Our fully customisable printing service gives you the freedom to print whatever you desire to communicate your brand identity effectively. If you need help to kickstart the design process, browse our range of templates, request a personalised quote or get assistance from one of our in-house graphic designers.

Yes, of course. If you have already curated a greeting card design, simply upload it via our website and we can start printing. For high-resolution and clarity, we ask that you submit your artwork in PDF, EPS, or AI format. Alternatively, if you are looking for help with the design process, check out the predesigned templates on our website or contact us today and one of our excellent graphic designers can assist you where possible.

The greeting cards are embedded with a revolutionary antimicrobial laminate that, 1. Binds itself to bacteria cells that disrupt their growth.2.It interrupts the cells DNA and prevents the mutation of bacteria. The antibacterial laminate fulfills your sanitising and disinfectant needs. However, if you want to clean and sanitise the greeting card, we recommend wiping the surface once a week with a damp cloth.

An antimicrobial substance destroys or inhibits the growth of all microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses.

Antibacterial substances specifically target the growth or spread of bacteria.

Worried about the spread of bacteria? Regular greeting cards can be the perfect surface for bacteria to mutate and diversity in. Antibacterial greeting cards are a cost-effective and beneficial investment that combats the spread of bacteria. With full coverage and customisation, the greeting cards not only kill 99% of bacteria after being handled, but they contain a high-quality print and high sheen laminate. With a glossy shine and extra protective layer against bacteria, dirt and water, the antimicrobial greeting cards are luxurious, professional and look incredibly appealing.

You can bulk order antibacterial greeting cards starting from 50 to a maximum of 1,000.

Yes, the antibacterial greeting cards are manufactured with a strong laminate that is waterproof, tearproof, and incredibly resilient. Did we mention, it kills 99% of bacteria after every use!