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Seal the Deal with Plastic Business Cards

If you are looking for an extraordinary range of products to pair your branded card with, why not check out our Plastic Key Tag membership cards, Laminated plastic Event Passes, or to really get heads turning create a frosted Transparent Business Card!

Nailing that first impression can often mean the difference between success and failure, so choosing the right personalised ID cards is vital. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or a renowned businessman seeking to expand in an often oversaturated market, having long-lasting and eye-catching workplace id cards is critical for success.

The general rule of thumb in business is to maximise gains and minimise costs - nothing achieves this more than plastic express name card printing! The small custom ID cards contain strong visuals, vital details about your company, and summarises all information that customers, colleagues, and clients need to know.

At your next networking event, portray the right image to acquaintances and show them that you have invested in your business by purchasing plastic cards.

The Unending Benefits of Business Plastic Card Printing

Quality business or membership plastic cards are fast gaining popularity because of their resilience. The plastic material boasts a firm and sturdy form that ensures maximum protection against water, wear, and tear. Not only do plastic membership cards prevent any marks, smudges, or water damage from occurring, but they have an intriguing and professional appearance - meaning that acquaintances are more likely to read the information on the card.

To make the cheapest business cards, considering the design and overall appearance is absolutely crucial. Powerful visuals can optimise your impact and speak volumes about your brand. With double-sided print and the choice of a gloss or matt laminate finish, you can successfully convey your company’s identity in style.

Lasting all year and match your company branding with discount plastic cards. Plastic cards are not as common in today’s regular course of business, so stand out for all the right reasons with the low cost of plastic cards with the texture of a credit card (order business cards online).

A choice of different thickness

  • 760micron thick meaning 0.76mm about the standard thickness of a credit card
  • 600micron - slightly thinner than a credit card
  • 450micron - a thin plastic card
Artwork Guidelines for Plastic Business Card coming soon

Both customisable and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, or colours, the difference falls down to the printed material. Luxury paper business cards contain a soft touch lamination, whereas 100 plastic cards are manufactured from a robust plastic material and are resistant to water and any form of wear and tear.

Plastic truly made to last. Workplace ID cards contain a rock solid structure that is tear, smudge, and wearproof. A super sturdy material, plastic membership cards have a long-lasting form, but also can be printed double-sided so you can really up the ante. Presentable, inviting to touch, and professional, express name card printing is the perfect asset to create a web of trust between you and your clients.

Not only are plastic cards super tough and impossible to crease, smudge, or tear, but they are incredibly professional. Containing a weighty and textured credit card thickness, available in a smooth matt or gloss finish, and fully customisable, nothing shouts professional than plastic cards UK!

A well-designed discount business plastic card should be both eye-catching and thought-provoking. Plastic cards remind people of your first interaction, so knowing what to add and leave out is crucial to success. We suggest embroidering your plastic membership cards with a branded logo, job title, strong visuals, written name, company name, website, and address, and lastly, contact details.