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Create a printed fabric tablecloth to advertise your business

With less than 30-seconds to make that first impression count, make sure you entice customers or clients from the get-go. Picture this, imagine you have organised an incredibly important business meeting and the guests are sitting in designated seats, however, there is one tiny detail that you forgot to include - a custom printed table cloth! But can’t you just use a normal table cloth I hear you ask?

If you want to stand out, ensure that the tables do not look dull, and retain a strong brand image, you will want to incorporate a personalised tablecloth into your marketing plan. This simple advertising trick can show onlookers that you go the extra mile to create something special

Printed Fabric Size:

  • 6ft flowing tablecloth - 1800mm (H) x 2800mm (W)
  • 6ft fitted tablecloth - 1790mm (H) x 3280mm (W)
  • 5ft fitted tablecloth - 1800mm (H) 3000mm (W)

A high-quality and efficient tablecloth printing solution. Our custom-printed fabric is easy to set up and gives your table a clean and professional appearance. The tablecloths that we manufacture are impeccably designed, accurately cover the whole surface area, and look incredibly luxurious. With a range of graphic tools at your disposal, we can help add vibrant designs, eye-catching slogans and an outstanding logo that ties into your brand identity.

A consumer will notice about your tabletop cover is the brand logo. A visual focal point of the tablecloth; your logo takes a central position, easily identifiable and memorable. We guarantee that your logo will look clear, printed in high resolution and speaks volumes about your brand. Naturally, the tablecloth fabric cover should include text to display relevant information about your website, social media and company or contain a catchy tagline to grab the attention of prospective customers.

Eye-catching Printed Table top covers

With a range of diverse colour options available, we ensure that your personalised tablecloths look vibrant and eye-catching but also tie into your brand identity.

At Apprintable, our custom tablecloth is lightweight, sturdy, cost-effective and ideal for all businesses big or small. With the extraordinary scope of advantages that the tablecloth brings, it is no surprise that this particular product is in demand and incredibly popular.

If you want to your beautifully printed fabric table covers to the next level combine them with other personalised material from our custom-printed furniture range, where you will find personalised giant deck chairs and of course custom cloth wristbands with no minimum order!

The benefits of the customised tablecloth are:

  • Made from fabric Material 210gsm polyester.
  • Custom Sizes are available on request
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Full fabric print coverage
  • High-quality and can be bulk ordered

Choose from a throw, fitted or stretch type. The throw-type tablecloth looks incredibly luxurious and remains loose from the ends just like a drape. As the name suggests, the fitted tablecloths are meticulously measured from edge to edge to fit perfectly above the ground. Lastly, the stretch type is fitted to the edges to give an attractive and aesthetically appealing look.

Our calculator will show you that you can order up to 5 tablecloths at a time, but if you require a larger quantity; drop us a message or request a personalised quote.

The tablecloths are your promotional tool; customise to your heart's content! You can add a logo, insert a company name, a bespoke tagline and much more. In regards to the design of the tablecloth, this is the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow and show your customers just how imaginative and interesting your company is. We are here to help every step of the way - contact us today and let’s get started!

The fabric Material 210gsm polyester, the materials we source are of high quality, do not contain any harmful products and, where possible, are environmentally friendly. We also ensure that the ink we use is of an exceptional standard so that the final print is vibrant, bold and aesthetically appealing.