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Boost your Business with Custom Paper Bar Coasters

Pair your coloured paper coasters with personalised dinner napkins, personalised paper beer mats, or paper cup printing for the ultimate tabletop promotional merchandise!

Soak up spills and deck out your bar, pub, or event space with disposable bar coasters! Custom coloured paper coasters are the inspiration you need to drive thought-provoking consumer engagement, capture instant attention, and enhance brand recognition.

Our innovative tissue mats for drinks have a sturdy waxed-backing which preserves your countertop from condensation and general scratching. Not only do plain coasters fulfill their protective function, but they are versatile, tactile, and the best marketing opportunity that puts your unique branded message in front of consumers.

A staple of the food, beverage, and events industry, paper coasters with logo have a competitive advantage over other marketing collateral because they are placed in public spaces. From pubs, restaurants, bars, to catering facilities, plain coasters drive fruitful engagement and market your business to a mass audience.

Wax-Backed Tissue Cocktail Coasters

Turn prospective customers into loyal brand advocates by investing in gold drink coasters today! Don’t break your budget with notoriously expensive TV advertisements and paid ad campaigns, black paper coasters are constantly used by customers from the time a luxury bar opens its doors to last orders.

Often considered a collectible item, printed drink coasters may be taken away by consumers. In this sense, bar coasters become the silent salesman for your business, allowing your brand promotion to reach new heights and market outside a bar's interior. So, add a unique touch to your business and create memorable tissue paper coasters with logo!

At Apprintable, our custom cocktail coasters are 100% customisable and work extremely well alongside coloured greaseproof paper. With the choice of three exceptional tissue colours, unique coaster shapes, and either a deboss or foiled print type, you can definitely find what you are looking for with us.

  • Wax-backing for soaking up liquid
  • An asset to a venue that serves drinks

The universal term coasters originated from the phrase ‘bottle-coaster’, which was rounded wheeled trays that originally held decanters. Through time, coasters came to embody items that drinks are rested upon which add a protective layer to any table setting.

To put it simply, their difference falls down to the material used. Our custom paper bar coasters are manufactured from a resilient tissue that is either debossed or foiled. In comparison, custom beer mats contain a 1.5mm thickness and are produced from a strong cardboard.

The term ‘debossing’ pertains to an image (logo, text, design, etc) that is imprinted into a particular material - creating a depressed effect. In comparison, foil printing is a speciality process which uses heat, pressure, and metallic paper (foil) to create a shiny design and strong graphics on a materials surface.