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Print sustainably sourced sugar cane labels

transformation of labels to biodegradable
  1. Printed using cutting edge technology that delivers exquisite detail and striking colours.
  2. Manufactured on a white renewable paper that contains an earthy uncoated and unbleached finish.
  3. Interwoven with 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% fibre of hemp and flex; compostable vegetable-based materials.
  4. Thick self-adhesive backing for seamless removal and strong application.

Sugar cane labels are both environmentally conscious and visually appealing. Manufactured from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% fibre of hemp and flex, eco-friendly labels are sustainably sourced, compostable, renewable and produced from vegetable-based materials.

We are a UK label printing company that is committed to providing sustainable and responsibly sourced print to our customers.

The eco-friendly benefits are monumental - not only are sugar cane labels a better alternative than wood-pulp paper, but they biodegrade faster and return nutrients to the soil. Paper labels extracted from trees contribute to the growing problem of deforestation; which accounts for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. By switching to biodegradable stickers, you protect the natural world, lower pollution levels and preserve precious ecosystems.

Our fully certified and ground-breaking compostable stickers require less energy, water, raw materials and waste to be produced. During the bagasse sugar cane refinement process, the polymer is created, which is a renewable resource and bio-based rather than oil-based.

Buy Eco friendly labels to be sustainable

In the current world, recycling is part of our everyday lives; businesses are adapting and focusing their efforts to be more eco-friendly. Not only is the shift to go green an ethical one, but it is remarkably popular.

To elaborate, demonstrating that your business is environmentally conscious and sustainably focused will give you a competitive edge and make you stand out for the right reasons.

It is vital that sustainable efforts are at the forefront of your business; you can’t get more environmentally friendly than compostable stickers UK! Sugar cane paper products have a dual eco-function; not only are they produced from vegetable-based synthetics, but they are compostable and fully biodegrade over time.

The biodegradable labels serve an abundance of usages; it is no surprise that they are universally recognised and incredibly popular worldwide. From cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, fresh food and drink packaging, to bottle labels, our environmentally friendly label printing service is multifunctional and versatile.

High quality printed biodegradable stickers

If you are looking for high-quality, strong and responsibly sourced labels then you have come to the right place! At Apprintable, our artisanal biodegradable shipping labels conform to sustainable requirements and are a vehicle for advertising. Strengthen brand identity, raise brand awareness and increase sales with our uncoated environmentally friendly stickers.

With these alternatives to plastic labels, the unbleached, natural and earthy appearance of the sustainable labels complement all packaging designs. Not only do the sugar cane labels contain a silky smooth white surface, but they have a sticky and compostable adhesive back.

With a plethora of fully customisable features, sugar cane labels are your sustainable solution. Choose from an extensive range of shapes, sizes, colours, quantities and bespoke designs to tie into your brand identity. Incorporate your logo, message, tagline or graphic design onto the label to create an impactful product that is sure to stand out on the shelves. If you require assistance, check out our fantastic templates or touch base with our in-house graphic design team who can lend a helping hand.

We are excited to showcase our range of eco-friendly printed products with you, we also have biodegradable transparent labels, recycled paper labels and brown kraft paper labels.

biodegradable labels from sugar cane
  • Sustainable, ethical, fully compostable and biodegradable
  • Produced from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% fibre of hemp and flex
  • Fully customisable and full coverage
  • Choose any size up to 300mm x 300mm
  • Uncoated, unbleached and manufactured on a white renewable paper
  • Personalise your label with whatever you want - from a witty tagline to a unique design
biodegradable labels from sugar cane

Our biodegradable labels are chemically unmodified and produced from vegetable-based materials of a natural origin. The biodegradable sugarcane labels are composed of 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% fibre of hemp and flex.

‘Biodegradable’ pertains to the material being able to decompose typically within a year and thereby avoid pollution. ‘Compostable’ materials require specific conditions in order to compost, degrade and produce natural resources. Our sugar cane labels help reduce waste going into landfill sites and are both biodegradable and compostable!

Yes, sugar cane labels are compostable and fully biodegradable and we are proud to introduce in ourlabel printing product range.

Our eco-friendly biodegradable labels are renewable and reproduce in cycles of less than one year. In comparison, paper production takes roughly seven to ten years to reach maturity.

Sugar cane labels are manufactured using biodegradable sugarcane fibres and vegetable-based synthetics. The renewable paper surface material of sugar cane labels are white and silky smooth. In comparison, biodegradable labels are transparent and made from polylactic acid (PLA) which is a thermoplastic and a remarkably robust material.

Yes, our fully certified and revolutionary compostable stickers require less energy, waste, water and raw materials than standard wood-pulp paper labels. It is worth noting that sugar cane labels are a renewable resource that lower pollution levels, don’t deplete fossil fuels, and protect the natural world. Sugar cane paper products are not only produced from vegetable-based synthetics, but they are fully compostable, recyclable and biodegrade over time!

Biodegradable sticker printing UK is multifunctional and widely used in a range of different industries. Regardless of the sector, our sugar cane labels are low cost, exceptional printed quality, fully customisable, grease and moisture resistant. Sugar cane labels can be used in: Products; Pharmaceuticals; Cosmetics; Retail; Barcodes; Food packaging; Bottle Drinks labels and due to its properties many other applications.

Our compostable labels are solely available in an uncoated, unbleached and smooth renewable white paper. They are visually engaging and contain an earthy/natural texture and surface appearance.

No, unfortunately our eco friendly labels are not resistant to water. Our revolutionary sustainable and biodegradable labels contain an unbleached, natural and earthy appearance to complement all packaging designs. If you are looking for resilient waterproof labels, be sure to check out our: waterproof labels, polypropylene plastic labels, and bottle label printing.