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Total (ex. VAT) :£ 16.00
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Uncoated Business Cards are classic way to display your specialisation, occupation. You can also create stamp cards, or mini to-do lists.

Uncoated business cards have a distinguished and authentic appeal and suit vintage designs well.

They are easily written on compared to other cards as they pourous and more textured, so soak in more ink than business cards that have a laminated layer. This is why uncoated paper is generally used in books or novels.

  • Size: 55x85mm
  • Two-sided
  • 325gsm
Artwork Guidelines for Uncoated Business Cards coming soon

Yes, there is free delivery

Uncoated Business Cards are good for promoting your brand name, occupation, specialisation and also for loyalty cards, to-do lists etc.

Apprintable are one of London Printers, one of the best at that. Specifically based in West London, if you are looking for Greenford Printers we are likely to be your best option

Our specialist team are prepared to help you design and prepare your artwork.

Our team will take your ideas and bring it into fruition primarily using Adobe Creative Suite.

We always print in CMYK. RGB, Lab and Greyscale will be converted to CMYK for print production.

Yes, on certain products Apprintable can grant same day delivery. Contact us for more details.

Due to the vast amount of promotional products, we are in the process of upload all of them. If you require it, we will meet your needs. Request a quotation for more details.

For the best quality artwork print, we would require you print files to be in either PDF format or Ai format. Use our free design tool template to design your own.

You will get sent artwork approval before production begins