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Uncoated cards that can be used as Loyalty cards

Natural uncoated business cards might seem like a plain or simple choice, but there’s much more to this classic choice than meets the eye! The Uncoated paper gives you a warm white textured card, with a timeless and refined look; and our premium high-quality uncoated paper stock gives you incredible quality without any extra lamination.

We print using full colour and top of the line technology. That’s why our natural uncoated cards give you and your brand the best of both worlds. Perfectly printed designs, with an eye-catching and professional look and a traditional iconic style that’ll let you hit the ground running!

Insider Tips for natural uncoated business cards

  • Since this paper is so easy to write on, you can also use your cards for loyalty programmes, appointment reminders and more!
  • More open, less intricate designs will work better with the uncoated texture, especially with lighter colours
  • Complex, ink-heavy designs may have a more faded appearance

Modern business cards are quite a versatile product for marketing, and while they’re usually a more classic choice, natural uncoated cards are one of the best options out there for shaking up your next brand recognition campaign!

The uncoated paper stock is great for writing on or stamping, ideal for businesses who want to create an easy to personalise the card for their customers, or for a practical and easy solution to daily business.

With us, you can create loyalty cards tailor-made to suit your business. Whether you’re a local cafe looking to keep patrons coming back, or a salon looking to interest your customers in different treatments; stamp cards are a low effort and high impact method to stay in your client's mind! Natural uncoated business cards are a brilliant way to create a whole new way to get your business out there.

You can even go create appointment cards to keep your office running smoothly! The natural texture of the paper leaves you with an easy to write on surface that’s perfect for jotting down appointment times for your customers to keep handy, all while showing off your business.

If you’re part of a busy office with lots of employees, need to kit out a busy cafe or just need to stock! We offer bulk supplies of up to 2,000 pieces and you can order business cards this at the best prices in London. We even let you speed up production to suit you, so order next day delivery business cards exactly when you need them with the printing package and delivery all sorted!

  • Printed on a natural textured premium paper
  • Double-sided or single-sided print
  • Easy to write on
  • Use for appointment cards, loyalty cards or as stamp cards
  • 350 gsm paperweight

Artwork Guidelines

To create your perfect artwork yourself, we have attached three template versions. Depending on the software you or your designer has used, download the business card artwork template for free.

Make sure your artwork complies with the information below, then simply paste your artwork in the guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

artwork guidelines uncoated business card psdartwork guidelines uncoated business card aiartwork guidelines uncoated business card pdf


artwork guidelines uncoated business cards

Uncoated business cards are a great option for businesses that want to add an extra layer to their brand recognition! Standard matte business cards are a staple in the print world; the perfect way to easily network and get your brand out there for potential clients to see what you’re all about. Here at Apprintable we understand how important it is to change things up when it comes to marketing, that’s why uncoated business cards are a great choice for doing things differently!

With the rustic feel of the uncoated paper stock there’s room to get creative with your business card. Why not create a loyalty card that's guaranteed to keep your customers coming back for more? Or create a 2 in 1 with an appointment card, to up your brand recognition while keeping organised! Uncoated business cards give you the opportunity to spread the word about your brand, network with confidence and personalise the whole process.

When it comes to creating the perfect business card, there’s a lot of different things to consider. Even small details make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your final finished business card! In a nutshell, uncoated business cards are printed on paper without any lamination for a more rustic, classic feel. This makes them totally ideal for stamp cards or jotting down important info from clients.

A natural uncoated card lends itself beautifully to a vintage look and design, perfect for customers looking for a more classic look for their brand!

There’s tons of options when it comes to the finish of your business card. Here at Apprintable we understand that the devils in the details when it comes to creating a one of a kind product that lets you and your business stand out from the crowd. When it comes to coated papers we offer an option to suit everyone, if you’re a tad confused about the lingo, not to worry, we can help you out!

Gloss lamination gives a reflective shiny finish that gives the business card the look of a more high quality product! The glossy finish is definitely an eye catcher for businesses looking to impress clients; and the lamination even protects your card from dust and fingerprints.

On the other hand, uncoated paper gives a more natural homespun look that’s sure to capture attention from potential clients. Our uncoated business cards are also more affordable than other more flashy options, so they’re perfect for fitting into budgets for high volume campaigns!

Laminating your business cards also means you won’t be able to write on them, so if you’re after a more easily personalisable product unlaminated cards are exactly what you’re after!

You’ve probably seen these nifty codes printed on anything from billboards to flyers, but if you don’t know too much about them let us fill you in. A QR code is a digital matrix that lets your potential customers simply scan with their phone camera to be taken to your business website or social media! An ingenious way to get future clients to take a look at everything your brand has to offer, these codes are becoming more and more popular.

This accessible and easy to use code is perfect for business cards, as it’s a unique way to give your associates and customers your important information; and it’s easy to print!

We like to keep our process as customisable as possible, which is why we make creating the perfect design for your business card as easy as possible. Take a look at our free design tool that takes the stress out of designing your card and lets you get creative as you like! We even offer free templates across three different formats, so you don’t have to take too much time out of your day to bring your ideas to life.

Now, of course if you don’t fancy tackling photoshop that’s no problem either! We have a fantastic graphic design team who can take your ideas for your perfect business card and turn them into a brilliant finished product that meets all of your standards.

They are indeed! We strive to make more choices that are sustainable and good for the environment, and these natural business cards are a great example. We don’t use any plastic, and since there’s no lamination involved they’re super easy to recycle.

We source our paper carefully, to make sure we print our products with the best options available for the planet. We’re also proud to work with suppliers who are all FSC registered!

When it comes to printing business cards the small details make all the difference, that’s why we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your business. Double and single sided print are both great options (design and cost wise) when it comes to uncoated business cards, so if you’re not sure which option to go for feel free to contact us to explore your options!

Double sided printing is a brilliantly effective way to fit as much information as possible on your business card. Ideal for including things like mini price lists or space to create a stamp card, while still leaving room to express your brand identity. If you’d like space to write on your uncoated business card, printing single sided leaves heaps of room for some personalised messages, and is a cost effective option to suit every budget.

No problem! We understand that there’s no second chance at making a first impression, and that creating a one of a kind business card is important when it comes to getting your foot in the door. That’s why we’ll always send you mockups of your final design before we go to print; so you can make any changes you need so your uncoated card lives up to all your expectations!