Take Ultimate Control with Custom Festival Wristbands

To stamp out the competition in an often oversaturated market, successful businesses need to promote their products or services efficiently to raise their profile and fundamentally increase sales.

Once you have carved out your corporate identity, the most crucial thing is to get your message out there in a memorable way. You have to stick in the minds of customers and, perhaps even more importantly, be the go-to brand for prospective customers.

Marketing campaigns take a plethora of different forms, but nothing reminds clients more of your business than something they are wearing! Custom fabric festival wristbands are multifunctional; they can be used as merchandise at concerts or festivals and admissions at ticketed events including trade shows or conferences.

Inherently useful and popular for so many reasons, personalised material wristbands certainly enhance promotional endeavours. Custom bracelets UK are not only a necessity to secure events, through a practical and convenient locking system, but they are a sentimental on-trend collectable item.

Full Colour Custom Fabric Festival Wristband

A walking billboard for your business and impactful publicity that you can’t buy anywhere, fabric wristbands UK are an innovative marketing tool. Colourful, easy to wear, and a stylish means of identification, band festival wristbands certainly command attention.

At Apprintable, our high-quality cotton bracelet range contains a luxurious Woven Polyester or intricate Satin fabric that is both befitting for indoor and outdoor use. From secure metal crimped festival wristbands to fabric wristbands with plastic secure ring, our wristband collection offers unbeatable features - make check-in a breeze with long-lasting security fabric wristbands!

Not only are custom glow in the dark bracelets incredibly robust, but they have generous print space; release your inner creativity! Add a touch of personality to your business by embellishing your custom embroidered sweatbands with a company logo, relevant information, or inspire a fascination with unforgettable graphics.

Our inexpensive Events Catalogue is a true spectacle - if we may say so ourselves! Augment your marketing potential and increase brand visibility at any event with paper wristband printing, personalised lanyards, or a Premium Event Plastic Pass printing.


Custom fabric festival wristbands are a staple of the events industry and a necessity to help secure any event. Each festival bracelet has a unique security feature that keeps the wristbands firmly fastened with a simple closing mechanism. 100% tamperproof, extremely versatile, and tear and wear resistant, manage admissions and keep your event on track with custom festival wristbands!

All bands in our fabric wristband collection are manufactured with a polyester or satin material. The difference largely falls down to the self-closing mechanism which offers high-security wristbands. Securing the wristbands with different options that include:

Our custom fabric wristbands offer maximum comfort and security.

Not only are band festival wristbands a highly impactful marketing tool for your business, but to put it simply, they can take control of any event. From guest management, controlling crowds, to enhancing your security, cotton bracelets are reasonably priced and can meet any security specifications.
Custom Fabric Wristbands

Custom Fabric Wristbands

Physically wear your marketing campaign on your sleeve and keep your security system in a tight ship with custom Fabric wristbands for parties or festivals! A budget-friendly, memorable, and comfortable promotional product, fabric wristbands are synonymous with the events industry. We also give you fast UK delivery!

Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Add some creative flair and brighten up your brand image with custom printed lanyards! Clipped onto your pocket, draped around your neck, or wrapped on your wrist, use printed lanyards in an abundance of ways to maximise your marketing strategy.

personalised black vinyl wristband

Vinyl Wristbands

Plastic Vinyl wristbands fulfil an abundance of different usages. From security at events to advertising your next trade show, they provide safe and long-lasting durability.