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Let your table tops reach new heights with Desktop roller banners

Bigger does not necessarily mean better; mini pull up banners can boost advertising opportunities, command attention and transform interior spaces.

Looking to raise brand awareness, display vital information and create an eye-catching product? Tabletop banners are attractive miniature objects that certainly leave their mark. Produced from a nontransparent PVC material and a robust aluminium frame, desktop banners are mini in size and mighty in impact!

Incorporate mini pull up banners into marketing campaigns

A practical and eye-catching countertop accessory, mini display stands are a vehicle for advertising. Promoting your brand in a convenient and visual way has never been easier. Increase brand recognition, direct the right attention to your business, and boost sales.

Favourably sized, versatile and lightweight, tabletop pull up banners are your space-saving solution and the ideal accessory for any desktop. Desktop banners are sustainable and budget-friendly - avoid paying out for expensive advertising campaigns and reuse mini roll-up banners time and time again.

Roller banner stands do not disappoint; they are anti-scratch, long-lasting, simple to set up and transported with ease. As a banner printing London service, we strive for perfection, convenience and aesthetically pleasing products, and our A3 pop up banners deliver just that.

Due to the miniature size, the mini roll-ups have a tangible quality and invite viewers to touch, get up close and read their contents. Consequently, display stands engage customers through an emotional, memorable and thought-provoking experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Mini roll up options

From retail displays, reception desks and welcome areas, to printed menus or personal use, pop up banners are multifunctional. A quick, efficient and cost-effective signage solution, desktop roller banners are ideal for rotating product promotions, advertising discounts or simply displaying kind messages to customers

If you need something that bigger check out our brilliant custom roller banners or our printed foamex signs.

  • Available in an A3 and A4 pop up banner
  • Manufactured using a sturdy PVC material
  • Aluminium frame included
  • Durable, lightweight and reusable
  • The perfect miniature product to promote your business
  • Free design template at your disposal
  • Free and speedy delivery service
  • Order a single banner or bulk order up to 25 banners

Both banners are produced using a PVC material and an aluminum frame is also included. What makes them different is size. Desktop roller banners are relatively smaller and solely available in an A3/A4 size - this makes them ideal for interior spaces and desktop surfaces.

Mini roll up banners serve an abundance of usages. An ideal advertising and desktop accessory, typically found in retail stores, office spaces, reception desks and much more!

Putting a desktop banner up could not be more simple. Pull the graphic up from the aluminium base and let it sit proudly on your countertop.

‘PVC’ pertains to the solid plastic material used in the desktop banner. PVC is a synthetic resin manufactured from vinyl chloride. We use PVC in our mini banners because it is flexible, robust, lightweight and non-translucent.

Similar to the standard roller banner, our mini pull up banners contain an aluminum frame so they can sit proudly on desktop surfaces.