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Sharkfin Flags are an impressive sight and are generally used for parties, on the beach, golf courses, advertisements and other purposes.

Sharkin Flag Printing

The stand features a slick design, customisable pattern and an extendable base with a stand.

Great value. Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to stand out from your competition.

  • Customise yourself
  • Have your social media tags seen
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Amazing for advertisements, events, parties, concerts.
Artwork Guidelines for Skarkfin Flags coming soon

  • Small Flags are 70x210cm
  • Medium Flags are 76x315cm
  • Large Flags are 80x422cm

Sharkfin Flags are can be custom designed by you or by our team depending what you want.

We always print in CMYK. RGB, Lab and Greyscale will be converted to CMYK for print production.

Sharkfin Flags are amazing for advertisements, events, parties, concerts etc.

Our team does great custom design work and are happy to design the flag for you.

The flag is best supported in the wind up until gale force 7, in order to maintain durability it's best to keep the flag inside after then.

A small bag to carry your flag, stand and base, when folded up

The Metal Ground Spike is good for soft ground such as soil.

The Plastic Screw Base is good for softer ground such as snow, wet soil, sand or on grass. Can support the large flag option.

The CrossFoot good for placing the flag indoors.

The metal frame and 4 legs and a size of 85 x 85 cm and is 20cm high.

The Cross foot & waterbag is an option to include a waterbag to your stand to improve sturdiness.

The Parasol base is useful indoors and outdoors. The base can be filled with water or sand. The base measurements are 48 x 48 cm and have a weight of 1.6 KG not including sand or water.

With the Parasol base & rotator the beach flag will spin around with the rotator.