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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 86.00

Custom shark fin advertisement flags

Stamp out the competition with our jaw-dropping convex shape flags. The unique ‘shark fin’ flag name pertains to the smooth and elongated s-shape design; which looks incredibly attractive as it blows in the wind.

The feather flags UK are an impressive sight and certainly command attention from passers-by. Manufactured using a translucent polyester fabric that allows wind to seep through, a curved metal pole, and strong metal base, the beach flag with pole is both practical and eye-catching.

Powerful and effective advertising does not have to cost an arm and leg! Outdoor shop flags are a budget-friendly, weatherproof, and sustainable signage solution that can be reused multiple times.

Advertisement flag options

Most commonly used in corporate or tradeshow events, commercial advertisements, booth displays or live sporting events, shark fin flags are perfect indoor and outdoor promotional display signs.

With a plethora of uses, customisable features and cost-effective solutions, make sure cheap beach flag printing is incorporated into your advertising campaign.

We have a wide range of professional templates and cheap beach flag printing. Browse through our excellent catalogue, we have feather flags, teardrop flags and square beach flags available.

  • Fully customisable and complete coverage
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and break down
  • Small, medium and large sizes available
  • Order a single flag or bulk order up to 10
  • Extensive list of flag base choices
  • Include a pole and carry bag
  • Free and speedy delivery in the UK
  • Shark fin flags are a reusable, resilient and great bang for your buck

Available in 3 sizes

  • Small Flags are 70x210cm
  • Medium Flags are 76x315cm
  • Large Flags are 80x422cm

Sharkfin Flags can be custom designed by you or by our graphic design team depending what you want. The colours mode we print in is CMYK, any other colour scheme used will be converted for print production.

Shark fin beach flags typically last 3-4 months in volatile weather conditions. They are embedded with a strong permeable polyester, sturdy base frame and curved metal pole that is extremely long-lasting.

Best suited for outdoor and indoor usage, shark fin display signs are typically found in corporate, sporting or tradeshow events, outdoor shop flags, booth displays, or commercial advertisements. It really is up to you how you want to display your advertisements or promotions.

To maximise your impact and get heads turning, choose an eye-catching colour palette that ties into your brand identity. The customisable features are up to you; however, we recommend adding a witty tagline, relevant information, a brand logo and a bespoke design to nail that first impression.

The Shark Fin Beach Flags have a thickness of 20mm.

When adding the length of the poll and the flag, the total height of the flag will be over 40cm and the diameter of the beach pole will be 2cm.