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Pop-up and Stand Out with Brown Kraft Tent Cards!

Notify customers about special offers, seasonal events, or product catalogues without saying a word! The silent salesman, Kraft Tent Cards are a perfect addition to any countertop surface. Turn wasted table top space into an impactful and memorable walking advert that speaks volumes about your brand.

Whether you are looking to advertise happy hour at your bustling bar, draw attention to a special blended coffee at a local cafe, or simply inform customers about the latest product offers, pyramid tent cards can help convey your branded message.

Sustainably Sourced

Don’t skip a step with our organically sourced Place Name Cards. Manufactured using all-natural fibres and 100% recycled brown kraft stock that decomposes into compost as easily as garden waste. Going green has never been so easy; with Folded Place Cards you can increase brand visibility and be environmentally friendly at the same time!

Our cheap kraft paper cards have a vintage and earthy appearance; ideal for brands with an agrestic charm of their own. So complement your interior decor, seamlessly tie into your brand identity, and showcase all that your business has to offer with dynamic Rustic Kraft Table Number Tent Cards.

With a compact multi-faced design, interlocking Wedding Kraft Tent Cards Decorations contain impressive double sided printable space. If you have a lot to say, imprint content onto two distinct sides or simply replicate your bespoke design and transform tables and countertops!

With plenty of space for promotion, eco-friendly tabletop tent cards are versatile and a brilliant form of sales display. Shine a spotlight on your brand and command attention with budget-friendly retro tent cards - plus they come pre-folded for easy assembly.

Place Name Cards Recycled Brown Kraft demonstrate your commitment to the environment and are certainly the centerpiece at any table setting. They are an alternative to table talkers from our exceptional promotional print catalogue is second-to-none, why not pair your Personalised Tent Place Name Cards Wedding with Printed Placemats to kit out any interior space?

  • Completely customisable with full colour or black print options
  • Eco-friendly brown kraft tent cards
  • Tent card size: Portrait, Landscape, A5 Landscape
  • In-house graphic designers can help turn your kraft tent card promotion into a reality
  • Custom made tent cards with bespoke design service

Yes, our brown kraft tent cards have an easy assembly application! They arrive completely flat and contain evident creases and pre-folds in the paper.

The Wedding Venue Decorations Reserved Kraft Wedding Cards are available in three different paper finishes:

  • Gloss: features a china clay coating for a shiny and smooth lamination.
  • Semi-gloss: also features a china clay coating - it sits somewhere between a gloss and a matt laminate finish.
  • Matt: does not contain a coating but gives the tent card a subtle and warm touch.

From reception desks, the retail sector, to booth displays at events, Folded Place Cards serve an abundance of business usages!

If you work in the service industry, you know that conveying company information to customers can sometimes be tricky. Social media marketing is a useful tool, but can prove unhelpful for businesses starting out.

A worthwhile investment, kraft tent cards do the talking for you - showcase happy hour deals, product catalogues, food or drinks menus, and inform customers about seasonal events. Plus, well-designed tent cards look visually appealing and are an eco-friendly alternative, so you can raise brand awareness without harming the environment.

When it comes down to printed sales display, brown kraft is the go-to paper stock for businesses looking for an eco-conscious alternative. It is easy to see why; brown kraft has a unique earthy, rustic appearance and protects the natural world.

This trendy paper stock is produced from 100% recycled organic materials - a truly eco-friendly product that is durable, hardwearing, and robust in comparison to flimsy plastic or un-recycled paper. The process of creating kraft paperboard involves taking wood pulp (that would otherwise be wasted) and transforming it into a heavy-duty paper that’s almost cardboard-like in its sturdiness

Not all venues do things the same, so why would we offer one size to fit all? We have three different sizes and layouts to suit every individual business and venues unique needs:

  • Portrait 105mm x 140mm
  • Landscape 90mm x 210mm
  • A5 landscape 148mm x 210mm

If you are looking for ways to advertise your dessert menu, or seasonal cocktail & mocktails list at your restaurant, then our Portrait (105mm x 140mm) size is definitely the option for you. There is plenty of room to showcase your delicious menu and incorporate bespoke designs, brand logo, or company information to suit your interior decor.

When it comes down to name or number cards, then the Landscape (90mm x 210mm) size is ideal. From wedding receptions, trade shows, to business conferences, spot name cards can help you stay organised and draw attention to your brand.

Lastly, if you have a lot to say, our A5 Landscape (148mm x 210mm) kraft paper tent cards are the best choice! Let A5 tent cards do the talking - inform customers about upcoming events, the latest deals and offers, or product catalogues, and get heads turning!

We aim to be as creative as possible; so why would we limit your colour choices? When printing on brown kraft paper it can be tricky selecting the perfect colour palette to tie into your business - and that’s where our in-house graphic design team can help.

We give you the option to print in either black ink for a bold standout look, or in full colour for exciting vibrant designs! We use a CYMK colour format and guarantee an incredible print, so you know you’re getting a perfect product.

Even our ink is environmentally friendly since we use recyclable steel drums that cut down waste and only use vegetable oil-based inks. For more info on our printing process, take a look at our environment page for all the details on how we try to save the planet

Kraft paper is easy to biodegrade; it only takes 2 - 6 weeks to fully decompose! All you have to do is pop the tent card in any paper or food waste recycling bin and do your bit to give back to the natural world.

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