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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 72.00
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Stand-out with our stand up Brown kraft tent cards!

Tell your customers all about your special offer without saying a word, with Apprintable’s range of Kraft tent cards! The perfect addition to any business that’s looking to communicate lots of info in one easy to see package! Turn your wasted tablespace into a low effort table display and a high impact marketing campaign.

Whether you are a busy bar that wants to get customers counting down the minutes to happy hour, a local cafe looking to advertise their special blend or a central restaurant that needs to let their customers know their newest offers; pyramid tent cards can help! Folded place cards do all the talking for you.

With our low prices, you can even swap them out for different promotions! That way you keep your offer fresh and your customers interested. Our cheap kraft paper card makes it easier than ever to keep up to date with offers, without harming the environment!

Our place name cards are made from organically sourced kraft paper, from all-natural fibres that decompose in the compost as easily as garden waste. The fibres are all sustainably sourced, so you can print as much and as often as you like; without worrying about the impact on the planet.

Even better, the brown card makes for a vintage look and feel, so if you need rustic kraft table number tent cards then look no further! The unique homespun look is ideal for brands with an agrestic charm of their own, and who want to complement their decor with dynamically designed brown kraft place cards.

We offer a range of different sizes to suit every individual need your brand might have, with various options ready to get your business kitted out!

  • Portrait 105mm x 140mm
  • Landscape 90mm x 210mm
  • A5 landscape 148mm x 210mm
  • Card open for variable depths
Our portrait cards are the perfect quick glance menu for restaurants and bars. Showing off your cocktail list to customers has never been easier than with table tent cards to do all the sales pitch for you!

If you need a large and commanding chic kraft table number or information card, our A5 landscape card is the ultimate option.

With enough creative space for copious information, or just for wonderfully eye-catching designs, our A5 landscape cards are the perfect option for businesses that need just a little more room to move.

For Kraft wedding tent card decorations, we can help you create one of a kind name cards that’ll fit right in with your perfectly decorated table!

We can even help you design your tent cards, so you can keep your day moving without oo much time spent on photoshop! Our free templates make designing a breeze, with easy to follow instructions guiding you to a perfect place card!

If you like, we could even take the designing off your hands entirely. We understand that not everyone has the time to spend designing, that’s why we offer a bespoke custom design service. Our team of in house graphic designers will transform your rough idea into polished brown kraft tent cards.

  • Eco-friendly brown kraft tent cards
  • Free UK delivery
  • Custom made tent cards with bespoke design service

If you’re in the service industry, you know that getting all the information about your special offers to your customers can be tricky. Social media marketing is great, but not everyone follows you (yet) and even then not all of your customers will be Instagram savvy. Not to mention the time it takes to make that perfect post.

If you’re a busy business, keeping staff up to date with offers can be a challenge in and of itself, so why not invest in kraft tent cards that do all the talking for you? Show off your happy hour drink list, coffee menus or your two for one special without ever having to repeat yourself!

You can even include important info like the WiFi passwords, or even as a no-smoking notice for hotel rooms. Whatever you need to let your customers know, brown kraft tent cards give you an easy way to display details in a way that’s guaranteed to be seen.

From businesses to more personal use, if you need a rustic-chic kraft table decoration for a wedding card, then look no further. When it comes to wedding venue decorations, a reserved kraft wedding card is a great addition to the table. The country charm of kraft paper makes for a fantastic touch, especially for personalised wedding kraft table number cards!

Whatever the use, tent cards are a great way to make a display in a cost-effective way that looks fantastic without costing you too much money and without harming the earth.

When it comes to printing products for display, brown kraft paper has become the go-to paper stock for businesses that want a sylvan charm to their branded products, that are friendly to the earth. It’s easy to see why, with more and more businesses going for the trend that’s modern and rustic at the same time!

This timelessly classic paper stock is made from all organic materials for a truly eco-friendly alternative to flimsy plastic or un-recycled paper. Created in the late 1880s by a German inventor Carl F Dahl, the process of creating kraft paper is actually quite simple.

It involves taking wood pulp that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into a heavy-duty durable paper that’s almost cardboard-like in sturdiness. The word Kraft even comes from German for strength, and this tough card certainly lives up to the etymology!

Brown is definitely the new black in the print world, and the distinctive colour is created using natural dyes from cocoa shells. The end result is a paper that’s all-natural, made entirely from organic plant material. With a distinctive look and natural sturdiness, there’s nothing not to love about kraft paper for eco-warriors!

Not every venue does things the same way, so why would we offer one size to fit all? We have three different sizes and layouts to suit every individual business and venues unique needs.

  • Portrait 105mm x 140mm
  • Landscape 90mm x 210mm
  • A5 landscape 148mm x 210mm

If you’re a restaurant that needs a dessert menu that’s easy to put on display or a bar that needs to sell some mocktails then our portrait 105mm x 140mm size is definitely for you. Not only is there enough room to show off all the delicious options you have for your customers, but there’s also plenty of room for dynamic designs to suit your decor, and tie the whole place together!

When it comes to place name cards, recycled brown kraft in landscape 90mm x 210mm are the ideal size! Make trade shows and exhibitions a breeze with easy to spot name cards that keep everyone organised while looking fantastic. Make sure nobody passes by your table without taking a look at with an impossible to miss header cards.

Keeping everyone organised at conferences can be a nightmare, so why not use card blanks to include your attendees’ names and positions? That way you keep your event organised without compromising on aesthetics. Of course, personalised tent place name cards, wedding-themed and all are a match made in heaven with our smaller landscape size.

Our A5 landscape option makes showing off lots of information without compromising on a fantastic design! Brilliant for hotel rooms and reception desks.

We like to be as creative as possible; so why would we limit your choices? When it comes to printing on brown kraft paper it might seem a little tricky to figure out the perfect colour palette. We can help by giving you advice from our in-house graphic design team to get the perfect product.

We give you the option to print in either black ink for a bold standout look, or in full colour for exciting vibrant designs! We use a CYMK colour format and guarantee an incredible print, so you know you’re getting a perfect product.

Even our ink is environmentally friendly since we use recyclable steel drums that cut down waste and only use vegetable oil-based inks. For more info on our printing process, take a look at our environment page for all the details on how we try to save the planet.

Kraft paper is easily biodegraded, with it taking only 2 to 6 weeks to fully decompose! Much better than regular paper, and miles better than harmful plastic. All you have to do is pop your cards in any paper or food waste recycling bin to do your bit for the earth!

These are easily assembled with a simple folding tab, no glue, no tape, no stress! Just pop them up and they’re ready to go.