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Folded 148.5x 420mm
Folded to 4pp A4
Gate Folded to A4
Roll Folded to 6pp 1/3 A3
Z Folded to 6pp 1/3 A3
Economy (4-5 Working Days)
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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 73.20
Unit Price :£ 1.46

Total (ex. VAT) : £ 73.20

Boost your Marketing Potential with Folded Leaflet Printing

Have you checked out our budget-friendly laminated flyer printing category? We not only stock Concertina Folded Flyers, but also have Antibacterial Flyers, Gatefold Leaflet Printing, and A5 Flyer Printing available so you can never run out of flyers again!

Despite the emergence of digital platforms, the folded leaflet is as popular as ever! An in-demand and ever-dependent marketing method, flyers folded are certainly not affected by the obstacles that the digital age poses.

The roll fold leaflet is a timeless classic in printed media that has been around for decades. Straight off the bat, the principal reason for the folded flyers unrivaled popularity falls down to convenience. Widely distributed to high-traffic areas, easy to design, and showcasing a particular creative flair, the tri-fold leaflet has huge marketing potential.

If there is a promotional offer, a special event, or a new exciting product launch on the horizon, you will certainly want to inform your customers with A5 folded to A6 flyers! The exceptional quality concertina fold flyer is here to make a visual statement and will definitely leave a lasting impression on prospective customers.

Laminated Folded Flyers at Apprintable

A staple of the print industry, create a life-proof A5 folded in half flyer that is worth holding onto. Folded Flyers are an extremely versatile product that fits any setting and is suitable for multiple contexts; whether that be festivals, wedding invitations, or promotional magazines.

No need for unnecessary staples or binding, the simple roll fold leaflet will arrive creased and pre-folded - ready for instant distribution. We offer an abundance of customisable additions to align with your brand message, this includes optional sizes, quantities, paper thickness, and folding or lamination preferences.

A gatefold is a document folding technique that uses two parallel folds to create six panels, so essentially, three panels on each side of the paper. The left and right panels are folded inward to meet in the middle without overlapping.

Also commonly known as a barrel fold, a roll fold refers to a document folding method that uses parallel folds to create multiple panels of approximately the same side. A popular choice for folding a variety of documents, in particular, for flyers and mailers.

We offer an abundance of different size options - this means our folded flyers can be efficiently distributed. Whether you are after an A4 or A3 Flyer Printing, both compact sizes offer easy-readability, ideal for handing out to passers-by, and can be neatly tucked into bags.

Flyers folded fulfil an extensive variety of benefits. They are not just a sheet of information, but are long-lasting, cost-effective, and easy to produce promotional materials. With a great choice of paper thickness, lamination preferences, and folding styles that enhance visual readability, it is no surprise that Laminated Leaflets are the most in-demand product on the market!

There are a few things to consider before deciding which folded flyer suits your business best. The first question you should ask yourself is: how many pages do you require for printing? You also need to consider where the flyer will be viewed from: will it be intentionally posted through a letterbox or viewed upright on a countertop surface? Have a browse through our exciting range of folding options and contact one of our sales representatives if you require any additional assistance.

You have complete artistic license over your folded flyer, so if you wish to leave blank pages that is entirely up to you. Empty space is a powerful way to emphasise a particular aspect of the flyer, so sometimes leaving blank spaces is actually more impactful. If you wish to leave one or more pages blank, please include this blank page and background colour of your choice in the design.

Yes! Roll Fold Leaflets and Z-Fold Leaflets make great menus. For a specific list of Menu options, visit our cleverly designed Menu Printing Page. By clicking on this page, you will find specially selected sizes and a variety of paper stocks; including wipe clean material that is perfect for cafés and restaurant menus.