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Total (ex. VAT) : £ 75.35

Metal Labels printed with your designs

Promotional labels are often an underused and undervalued product, but here at Apprintable, we believe that our labels are multifunctional and should be used in any marketing campaign.

Product labels help deliver sales messages, build brand identity and strengthen customer relationships. Investing in high-quality labels does so much for sales, brand image and marketing - so why not try printing your metallic labels with us?

These labels come printed on a roll, that can be used by a labelling machine or by hand, you can also order our stickers on a sheet from our label printing products, where we also biodegradable labels and customised product label printing.

The printed Metal labels Adorned with a metallic glaze, they do not shy away from the spotlight - an ostentatious product that sprinkles a little bit of glitz and glamour onto any package. Apprintable’s metallic labels are an outstanding and entertaining product, but don’t take our word for it, below is a comprehensive study of why our metallic labels should be incorporated into any package.

Metallic label printing UK

The printed metallic labels are embedded with a UV coat, which adds a beautiful reflective tint onto your labels, and are available in a gloss coated, gloss laminated and matt laminated finish.

Our metal labels can be ordered in bulk and come in a variety of shapes and sizes - whether you are looking for a classic rectangular shape or a circular label to really stand out, the possibilities are endless!

Your label choices should seamlessly tie in with your brand identity. At Apprintable, we have dedicated professionals who are here to help every step of the way, so we can collaboratively create a fantastic metallic label to add value to your business.

Easy-to-use label design tool

Do you have a metal label design in mind but don’t know how to turn your creative vision into a reality? Try Apprintable’s online label design tool to help you nail an extraordinary promotional label that is perfect for any package.

Firstly, start by selecting a template, then let your creative juices flow - it is time to start customising your metallic label! You can add images, logos, slogans, a colourful written text or background to really identify with your brand, and when you are happy with the finished result, select the quantity you wish to order - it is really that simple.

Personalised label quote

At a reasonable price and uncompromising printed quality, our metallic labels are an unrivalled promotional product. Send us an already created design or customise your very own using our online design tool.

Our Metallic label printing:

  • Are available in a range of sizes from: 30*20 to 200*200
  • Are affordable
  • Have a fast delivery service
  • Are fully customisable with a range of vibrant colours, images, texts or designs to choose from
  • Have professional help and expert advice every step of the way
Artwork Guidelines for Metallic Labels coming soon

We have an easy-to-use template available on our website so you can conveniently customise your metallic labels. Our online template includes:

  • Vibrant and pastel colours, images, written text and designs.
  • A range of traditional and customisable sizes to choose from.
  • A recommended lighter colour palette to choose from - it gives the metallic labels a more reflective look.

Apprintable’s creative team are here to lend a helping hand - do not hesitate to contact us for any specific queries or general questions you may have.

Yes, our metallic labels are waterproof! The UV gloss that is coated onto each label is water resistant - a strong and durable material which allows your metallic labels to retain their shiny and reflective appearance.

Yes, you can attach a .jpg and .jpeg file onto your design template - a high-quality image resolution that would look great on your metallic labels. The photographic images must be at least 300dpi in size. There are various design options for you to choose from.

The delivery time is dependent on your metallic labels design and quantity that you wish to order. If you are ordering a small quantity, then the estimated delivery time would be five working days. If you order a high quantity, then naturally you would need to wait a little longer to receive your metallic labels. The process of ordering is simple and convenient: after designing your metallic labels, you have 24 hours to make any changes to the design and approve the final draft. Then we will print your metallic labels in-house and ship them off the very next day!

Apprintable’s metallic labels have three coating options available: a gloss coated, matt laminated and gloss laminated finish. The metallic labels are embedded with a UV coating; ensuring that each label is reflective, durable and wearproof.

Metallic labels can be ordered in bulk. You can order a minimum of 50 metallic labels and a maximum of 20,000 labels!

Yes, after you submit your artwork our experts will evaluate your design and make any changes if necessary. Before we start printing, we will send you a PDF document of the final draft via email for you to cross-check and feedback to us.

At Apprintable, our ethos is to deliver high-quality print at an affordable price. Whether a corporate giant or small local business, our metallic labels are available to you and are tailored specifically to your company. So why not touch base with us today to start curating your metallic labels? We can’t wait to work with you!