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Magical Enchanted Forest Wedding Table Plan

Make your wedding party as enjoyable as can be by creating a table plan. Guide your guests to sit with the friends, colleagues and family that they like. A personalised wedding table plan will help with this process.


The Magical Forest Table Plan is a fantastic choice for a lovely wedding. With its fresh and enchanting design, you can wow your guests with the splendid decor in your reception. It will also make the party organised.


Choose from a wide selection of customisation options to create the colour, design and layout of your choice. As you finalise your customised table plan, preview it before printing.


This table plan, when arranged well, will fit your traditional or modern wedding theme. Try this unique and amazing product!

They are the bride and her parents, the groom and his parents, and the siblings in the rest of the seats.

Round tables are the most commonly used in wedding receptions. The general rule is that a 72-inch round table can seat 10 to 12 adults while a 60-inch round table can accommodate 8 to 10 adults.

Yes, if possible put the full names (first and last names) of your guests on your table plan. Your attendees will be able to recognise their names quickly, plus it avoids the confusion of duplicate names. It’s ok to put just the first names as well if your theme is informal.