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Elegant Wedding Table and Seating Plan

Yes, precisely. The name speaks for itself, and this product is truly an “elegant wedding table plan”.


If your wedding has a formal theme, this design is perfect. Your guests will be amazed at your nifty and classy decor as they are guided about with their seats.


How elegant do you want your table plan to be? Design it according to your taste and fancy. This product is equipped with complete customisation options. Choose the template, the layout, the colour scheme, the graphics/images and the font, and voila! You get the splendid table plan that you have envisioned!

Once you have finalised your guest list, create your seating chart two or three weeks before the wedding.

A seating chart is not mandatory on your wedding reception, however, most couples use this feature. Your wedding, as a sit-down dinner affair will become coordinated or organised with a seating chart.

It’s part of good event planning where guests are arranged to sit with people they already know or like. Because these attendees get along well together, they’ll be comfortable and have engaging conversations.

Generally, on the right of the bride is her groom, while at her left is the best man. At the right of the groom is the maid of honour.