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Incorporate Paper Placemats into your Marketing Campaign

Add the finishing touches and complete every table setting with custom placemats. Personalised placemats (also see our paper coasters and personalised napkins) not only transform tables but can simultaneously raise brand awareness - a worthwhile investment that is great bang for your buck.

Placemats are often overlooked and underestimated, but they are part of a special shared experience. Branded placemats protect your table from steamy dishes, icy cold drinks, and stains of any kind. But they are more than just a means of protection, tablemats brighten up interior spaces and can maximise brand identity.

A unique promotional tool, let your business be remembered in style with paper placemats UK! Perfect to hand out as a customer giveaway, draw attention to a one-off discount, or simply advertise your products and services, photo placemats are a highly effective display solution.

Personalised Placemats at Apprintable

Create your very own table mat at Apprintable and compliment your interior decor. From restaurants, corporate events, booth displays, to the office, disposable placemats sprinkle a little bit of personality onto your business. Synonymous with tableware, photo placemats are a memorable and decorative feature that add a touch of class to a diners overall experience.

Be the talk of the table and command attention with well-designed wedding placemats! Whether you are in search of a full colour placemat, traditional and beautifully ornate tablemats, or a bespoke smooth white paper placemat, we can cater for all.

Manufactured from a robust and premium smooth white paper that is available is A4 or A3 size, our disposable placemats for wedding reception are fully customisable. Engrave your paper placemat with a bespoke design, company logo, or a punchy slogan to give your table a special makeover.

You can choose from a 100gsm or 120gsm paper thickness and with a free speedy delivery service throughout the UK you can never run out of printed placemats again! Send us your pre-designed artwork, get in touch with our in-house graphic design team, browse through our free professional templates, or use our free online design tool and kickstart your placemat design!

Be sure to check out our fantastic promotional print range, we have everything from personalised bar runners, kraft tent cards, to antibacterial menus to ensure your printed merchandise is one to remember.

  • Custom placemats available in A3 or A4
  • 100gsm or 120gsm
  • Premium Smooth White Paper

1. Where are paper placemats typically used?

Paper placemats are typically used in restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. They are often used to protect the table from spills, scratches, and other damage. They can also be used to add a decorative touch to the table setting. Paper placemats can be used in a variety of settings, including casual and formal dining. In casual settings, they can be used to add a bit of colour and texture to the table.

2. Where should paper placemats be stored?

Paper placemats should be stored in a dry, cool, and dark place. The best place to store paper placemats is in a cupboard or pantry, away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat. If you don’t have a cupboard or pantry, you can store them in a drawer or cabinet. Make sure the drawer or cabinet is lined with a material that will absorb moisture, such as wax paper.

3.  Where do paper placemats come from?

Paper placemats have been around for centuries, but their exact origin is unknown. It is believed that they were first used in the late 19th century, when restaurants began to use them to protect tables from spills and messes. Paper placemats were originally made from newspaper, and were used to protect the tablecloth from spills and other messes.

Promotional paper placemats are primarily used to protect the table from food stains, water marks, or heat damage. However, they are an incredibly decorative product that can brighten up interior spaces and act as a vehicle for advertising.

Yes, even though personalised placemats are relatively smaller in size than bar runners, they both compliment each other and work extremely well together.

Yes, paper placemats UK are used on a daily basis and sit proudly on any table setting.

A cleverly designed tablemat can have huge marketing potential and strengthen brand image. We recommend embroidering your branded placemat with a strong and vibrant colour scheme, logo, bespoke design, or relevant company information so customers can instantly recognise it’s you!

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