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Enhance your Marketing Strategy with Custom Plastic Key Tags

There is a plethora of marketing tools at every company's disposal. Having an extensive repertoire of branded merchandise can certainly optimise your business, but sometimes this isn’t always economically feasible.

These plastic Key tags come in singles, you can also get these as 3 printed key tags.

Printed plastic key fobs are ultra-versatile, multifunctional, and reasonably priced! From boosting revenue to expanding your brand recognition, company key tags have a high return on investment compared to other forms of marketing collateral.

With a perforated edge and a range of customisable features including a barcode or signature strip, handy miniature plastic key fobs are an impressive alternative to keyring labels. So, create a loyalty key tag scheme for your business and strengthen customer loyalty, brand identity, and ultimately increase sales.

  • 760 micron - Credit card thickness

Leverage Plastic Key Tags to Benefit your Company

Key ring tags fulfill an abundance of different usages. Whether you are looking to upgrade the customer experience, showcase particular products, or simply advertise your newly established business, printed plastic key tags have got you covered.

A walking billboard, keyring business cards are attached to an item that is carried around in pockets or purses: namely on keychains. Easily transportable, car key tags plastic advertise your business everyday through word of mouth and brand recognition.

Personalised key fobs are excellent for customer loyalty plans and point of sale (POS) systems. Optimise access to your facilities by simply including a scannable barcode - make your customers check-in a breeze! It’s the little things in life that truly make an impact; by improving customer experience you can create a strong web of loyal customers and brand advocates.

Looking to pair your company key tags with additional promotional products? Our plastic membership card supplier category is bursting with excellent merchandise; from Split Key Tags, Plastic Loyalty membership Cards, to Personalised Snap Cards, we stock everything that can help speak volumes about your brand.

Printed plastic key tags are handy, visually appealing, and miniature promotional tools that certainly command attention. Key ring cards serve as an effective promotional channel and help businesses successfully improve their marketing efforts.

Whatever you decide to embed in your company key tag, make it count and increase brand visibility! We suggest sporting your company logo, striking visuals, and relevant company information to let customers know it’s you.

The additional barcode feature is optional, however we recommend including it to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. From check-in, loyalty schemes, to tracking purchases, barcodes are an essential feature and can generally help organise the way your company operates.