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More room to get creative with folded business cards!

These cards have double the fun for a fantastically effective marketing tool. Our folded business cards are perfect for any business that has a lot to show off!

With us, there’s enough space to get your business cards (see our online business cards UK range!) working harder than ever. These foldable cards have four pages ready for incredible custom made designs and all the important info about your business. We even have two different sizes to choose from, so your business gets a one of a kind product.

The bee’s knees for including extra essential info without any awkward bulkiness, so you can network with confidence. Whether you want to include mini price lists of your products and services, sample menus or reviews from happy customers. These fantastic multi-tasking Z business cards make plenty of room for everyone!

Foldable business cards really are the perfect solution for businesses who want to include lots of information in one customised card. But, aside from a compact way to give your customers tons of essential info, there’s so much more to these marketing accessories!

Save the date with our Foldable appointment cards.

The beauty of these cards is that they’re a brilliantly versatile product! So you can tailor design your cards to fit all of your business's needs! Ideal for beauty salons or hairdressers, or really any organised business, for unique appointment cards that keep you on the ball.

Folded appointment cards are a great way of keeping your customers in on time without any legwork. With us, you can get as creative as you want, so everyone will remember your business, folded cards especially!

If you’re a business specialising in events folded business cards are a wonderful way to add a personal note! Even for a conference venue or any business in the service industry, these are a perfect solution to packaging. Why not try out folding header cards?

An easy way to add a high-quality flair to any goodie bag. Package your products with a customised touch, perfect for low-cost packaging with a high impact. These header cards or bag toppers are guaranteed to make your brand memorable. We’ll even send proofs before we print, so you can get your header cards printed to the highest quality.

You could even use our foldable business cards as personalised name cards for your next big event! Double the size means double the possibilities when it comes to our folded business cards!

So much more than foldable business cards

When you order with us at Apprintable you know you’re getting more than just great print. We deliver fabulous quality folded business cards UK wide, and at the best prices in London! We’ll even calculate the price for you with our handy price calculator before you even decide to add to cart. We just like to make things easy like that.

Though we’re confident in our low prices, we’re even more confident in the quality we give our clients. We print our folded business cards on a perfectly sturdy 300gsm Kraft paper and 350gsm silk paper! Both are high-quality and cost-effective options for any brand. Especially those looking to embark on a high volume marketing campaign, without breaking the bank.

  • Create folded appointment cards
  • Free UK Delivery on all Orders
  • 170mm x 55mm (can be folded to 85mm x 55mm)
  • 85mm x 110mm (can be folded to 85mm x 55mm)
  • Print on Brown Kraft paper or 350gsm Silk Coated Paper
  • Lamination available in Gloss or Matt

We use the creasing method when we prepare your business cards for delivery. If you’re not too keyed into printing lingo we’ll explain! Creasing is when we create a sturdy crease in the paper; easy for you to fold once you receive your Z business cards!

This lets us package your foldable business cards completely flat for extra product safety. All you have to worry about is simply folding your business cards once they arrive, piece of cake right?

An unfortunate disadvantage of folded business cards is unsightly creasing or (heaven forbid) ripping. Creasing in printing gets rid of that pesky problem with no fuss! There’s nothing worse than ruining your business cards before you have a chance to show them off. We’ll take care of that problem for you, so you get crisp folded corners and a perfect business card.

Your perfectly printed business cards will arrive unfolded, not because we’re lazy we promise! They’ll arrive with a raised crease in the paper, so all you have to do is fold and go. No faff or fuss, simply fold in half along the pre-made crease for a perfect folded business card.

Delivering flat makes for a perfect foldable business card, so you can keep plenty in stock. Easier to store and much more durable than pre-folded business cards, we guarantee perfect square folded business cards every time. And since we’ll deliver straight to your door, you can have brilliantly easy to fold business cards ready to go whenever you need!

Our folded business cards are printed on sturdy paper, with 300 gsm Kraft paper and 350 gsm silk paper. Since we never print on flimsy paper, it’s easy to make our business cards stand to attention. If you’re organising a networking meeting and want an extra touch of decor that puts your brand at the forefront these are perfect!

While they’re the perfect way to get as much info about your business possible in one small package, they’re versatile too! As our folded business cards are so sturdy they’re perfect for restaurants and conference venues. Name cards for tables keep your service running smoothly, so you can focus on what matters.

Sometimes, a regular business card just doesn’t come up to par. If you’re a business that has a lot to say, the classic business card often just doesn’t cut it. Just because you have a lot to offer, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of a professional business card to flash at big events!

Folded business cards give brands a lot to offer a way to express themselves without having to cut any info. With four “pages” available for print, our business cards are almost like a leaflet. Foldable business cards are a brilliant solution to the usual space problem. You have heaps more room to get creative, and can give your future customers an in depth-first look at your brand.

Here at Apprintable, we like to keep things easy for our clients. Ordering our folded business cards online is easy, so we keep our card design process just as simple to use!

To start creating your ideal folded business card or folded appointment card you don’t even have to leave our website. Take a look at our online design tool, free of charge obviously, and bring your ideas to life!

If you like, we highly recommend free card templates just to make things even easier! These artwork templates work across three different formats, all you have to do is follow the template and supply your artwork! When you upload your artwork for us, we’ll even send you a proof of your folded card before we print!

Of course, if you’re not too keen on designing (or just have no idea what a 3mm bleed is) no worries! We’re so much more than print here at Apprintable, with our very own in house graphic design team. They’re on hand to help you create a professional one in a million design, whether it’s a new logo or die-cut, that’s sure to get all eyes on you and your brand.

Between our foldable card template, online design tool and professional graphic designers there’s a brilliant design process for everyone. For more info, why not request a quote with our customer service team?

Folded business cards are a great fusion of quintessential business cards and promotional leaflets, so they’re pretty versatile. The extra space leaves room to get creative, especially with our double-sided print options!

If you need to make a splash at your next big networking meeting, we’ve got your back. Put everything your business has to offer in the spotlight and wow customers with show stopping designs. Ideal for restaurants enticing customers with a sample menu, or professionals listing their services on offer. Even for shops including special offers these foldable business cards are a brilliant addition to your marketing.

For anyone in the customer service industry, foldable business cards are an adaptable godsend! Create name cards to keep dinner service running easily and your guests happy. Or go for tailor-made header cards for an extra touch on goodie bags that are sure to impress! You can even print loyalty cards guaranteed to bring your clients back for more.

We have a sturdy 350 gsm silk paper, a glossy and durable paper that’s sure to last. The glossy finish gives the impression of a high-end product and even gives you a water-resistant finish!

If you fancy going for a rustic look, and a more eco-friendly option then check out our 300gsm kraft paper! Made from 100% natural fibres, these brown cards are naturally tear-resistant and easy on the environment.