We care about the environment. We're committed to ensuring our impact is positive and have gone to great lengths to ensure our environmental policies in both sourcing materials and manufacturing goods does not negatively impact the environment, particularly with our outsourcing partners.

Sourcing our Paper

The best paper currently available contains 55% recycled paper. Our manufacturing partners all use this paper for all of our products except for the recycled paper options where the paper is 100% recycled. Our paper is carefully and sustainably sourced within Europe.

Our Inks and the Environment

Our manufacturing partners use 200-litre recyclable steel drums for our inks - the biggest drum size available - in order to reduce packaging waste resulting in smaller loss of product and fewer wastage collections. All ink used in our factories is vegetable oil-based rather than mineral oil-based.

As a requirement to partnering with us, all of our manufacturing partners are FSC registered and are certified to ISO 14001:2004 standards with some also holding 9001:2008 certification.

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