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Make a fashion statement, Design your Printed Face Masks and set the trend

With face masks now a daily necessity, we have been exploring how to make face coverings more visually appealing. Following the website, face coverings have been confirmed by the government to, “help reduce the risk of transmission...[and] help us protect each other and reduce the spread of the disease.”

So to prevent the pandemic from spreading, why not customise your reusable face mask and turn it into a product that you will want to wear. Stand out for all the right reasons, ensure your family, friends and everyone else are safe by keeping those coughs and sneezes under control. Ditch the boring blue disposable mask and get our environmentally friendly and trendy alternative.

Now let’s get down to the details. Apprintable’s custom medical face masks are machine washable and reusable. Available in a regular adult, premium adult, child premium and regular face mask, to ensure all mouths and noses are comfortably covered.

Made from polyester fabric, un-hemmed and with the addition of elastic ear loops, the cheap personalised face masks UK have an ergonomic design that is tailored with you in mind. Incorporate the face mask into your outfit by using our exquisite colour palette - so you can stand out at the next socially distanced outing. For an entertaining, witty and unique face covering, why not print your face on a mask to brighten up your day? From a festive face mask, an ornate and decorative design, to your favourite cartoon character; our custom masks are comfortable, breathable and a brilliant fashion accessory.

  • The Regular fabric Face masks are single-layered printed polyester fabric, un-hemmed and secured with elastic ear loops.
  • Our Premium Facemasks are a single layer and are printed on polyester fabric. Premium masks are better than the regular ones as they are shaped around the nose and chin, hemmed edges and secure around ears with elastic ear loops.

Looking for ways to get your brand out there? By bulk buying custom printed mouth masks you can efficiently, effortlessly and cheaply raise awareness for your brand. Not only are branded face masks perfect for your staff, why not give them out to your loyal customers and clients to ensure their safety? Whilst simultaneously keeping the public safe, face coverings can also be a strategic and clever marketing tool.

Wearing your branded face masks on public transport, in the supermarket and corporate meetings is an excellent investment that speaks volumes about your brand. Ranging from 25-100 face masks for you to bulk buy, order the same design or switch it up, the choices are endless!

What’s more, our face masks are environmentally conscious. Single-use disposable face masks contribute to the plastic problem that has swept across the globe. Opting for a reusable face mask protects the natural world and in the long run, is a cheaper alternative that saves you a fortune. Reusable face masks are not only eco-friendly, but most importantly, they free up single-use PPE masks for medical professionals and patients who really need them.

So why not start personalising your very own custom face mask UK today? We have a fantastic range of templates for you to download and if you require any additional information or need help designing your face covering don’t hesitate to contact us - we are here to help.

  • Branded face masks in Adult and Children Size
  • Personalised Fabric face mask with your own designs
  • All face masks are made to order
  • Premium and regular fabrics available
Artwork Guidelines for Custom Face Masks coming soon

According to the website, face coverings “help reduce the risk of transmission...[and] help us protect each other and reduce the spread of the disease.” It is imperative that the public follow other safety measures such as washing hands, using sanitisers and keeping a safe distance from others. By covering the nose and mouth with our face masks, you will drastically reduce transmission by preventing the spread of germs.

Face masks protect you, your family, friends, colleagues and everyone around you. Recent government guidelines state that wearing a face mask is mandatory in all indoor public places such as on public transport, in retail shops and supermarkets. So why not get creative with a face covering? Order yours today.

While our regular face mask provides sufficient nasal and oral protection, why not go the extra mile and purchase our premium face mask which is shaped around the nose and chin to add an extra layer of protection.

All of our products at Apprintable are fully customisable and tailored for you. Whether you are looking for a bespoke design, witty message or an image to tie into your brand identity, we will create the perfect mask for you.

We have made sure to provide an exceptional depth of colours for you to choose from - so your face mask can compliment your brand, work uniform and professional identity. But why only choose one colour? You can choose any colour combination, whether it be for the festive season or an eye-catching colour palette to stand out.

By creating a personalised face mask, you are bringing some creativity and positivity into the workplace. Your design can be fully customised to draw attention to your brand, why not incorporate an inspirational quote, a funny joke or simply your own logo onto your face mask.

We are committed to designing a range of bespoke products that don’t leave a harmful mark on the environment. Instead of using single-use disposable masks we offer your very own personalised, reusable and washable masks made from fabric that is environmentally friendly.