Exhibitions are an effective and cost-efficient way of marketing your brand. However, you should know how to optimise these means of fostering product awareness.

Several factors are taken into account about this, and one of them is the type of expo or exhibition stand that you'll utilise.

This article will elucidate the 5 main types of exhibition stands. It aims to guide you in selecting the most suitable for your advertising and marketing scheme by indicating their pros and cons. Read on and be informed.

What Are The 5 Main Types Of Trade Show Stands?

A Complete Guide To Exhibition Stand Types

1. Custom Design Stand

Do you want your expo booth to be apart from the rest in terms of structure and functionality? Don't forget the "wow factor", too.

In this case, you should opt for a custom design exhibition stand. This space is designed and crafted to cater to your requirements.

Work and communicate accordingly with your stand designer to achieve the structure that you want. Signify what your objectives and priorities are so that you can maximise their usefulness.


- It creates a maximum impact

Being flexible, you can incorporate your branding needs with the structural design of a custom-built exhibition stand. You're likely to obtain highly professional and efficient results with this option.

- It benefits your PR in the long term

A custom design stand creates a buzz and attracts attention. This way, your brand will get as much exposure as it can. Your company will be popular even in future trade shows when you've gained a good reputation.

- It gets you ahead of the competition

You'll outshine your competitors, especially if they have decided to go small on their expo booths. A bigger crowd will be interested in visiting your stand.


- It is not affordable

Selecting this alternative is going to cost you more, particularly as your design will be specific and there are other extra expenses.

- It takes a long time to build

You'll have to go through several stages to build a custom design stand. And if you don't start early, the outcome might be unsatisfactory.

- It is not environmentally friendly

Materials used for this type of stand are typically not recyclable.

2. Reusable Custom Stand

As the term implies, you can reuse this type of stand. Especially if your company joins trade shows consistently, you can consider purchasing a reusable custom stand. You won't need to purchase materials or hire builders again and again with this option.


- It generates a high ROI

This expo booth is made only once and reused 20 times, thereby allowing you to save on costs. You make that one-time payment for its custom build, but you'll spend minimally on your following usages.

- It creates consistency for your company

It's like your trademark look and quality representing your company every time you participate in an expo. People will know your brand by it.

- It incites better brand recognition

Your footprint is solidified by the familiar quality that you convey to people. It makes your brand subliminally recognisable to your target audience.


- Limited flexibility on its layout

There aren't any other options for the design and configuration of a reusable custom stand, and it is a drawback if you want to modify it at your next trade show.

- Its upfront cost is high

With limited flexibility, you have to rely on a consistently designed stand and invest in its storage costs.

- It needs ongoing maintenance

Consider possible scenarios wherein your stand can get damaged over time, and you need to manage it regularly.

3. System Frame Stand

Standardised aluminium frames are utilised to build this stand. It may be clad in panels or attached with fabric to cover its openings. This is a viable option if you have a limited budget.


- It is friendly to the environment

If you wish, you can go by the option of purchasing ECO frames for your stand, but prepare for additional costs.

- It is flexible and versatile

You can mix and match the different modular components of a system frame stand.

- It is easy to install and dismantle

It's quick and easy to set up and tear down this type of stand because it is constructed with pre-made fixings.


- It can be expensive

Considering various factors, you'll find that a system frame stand is just slightly cheaper than a custom stand.

- It looks cheap and of poor quality

The structural frames of this type of booth are typically exposed, making it look unattractive.

- It does not create an impact

There's nothing that distinguishes this type of exhibition stand, and it is forgettable.

4. Modular Fabric Stand

This type of expo stand is also known as portable pop-up displays, and they are ideal for companies with low budgets. Then again, despite its low cost, it is visually appealing. Full-coloured printed fabric can be used to adorn this booth, and you can install it yourself.


- It entails lesser expenses

Having mass-produced aluminium tubes, this sort of expo booth is cheaper. It is portable and reusable as well.

- It is easy to install, dismantle and store

With compact and lightweight components, you can pack them in a convenient hand-carry bag.

- It is reusable and flexible

If you want to use it in another expo, you can revise its look by adding a fabric with a different print.


- It is not visually influential

This stand is ideal for smaller structure designs, but it may be restrictive in function and appeal to a wider booth area.

- It is time-consuming to set up

More so if you have a complex structure to build, it takes time to transport, install and dismantle this type of booth.

It is limited in terms of usability. You won't be able to mount a TV or your products on its walls.

5. Standard Shell Scheme

This type of exhibition stand has a very basic design, and you can usually purchase it from your event organiser. If you take this option, you'll be inconspicuous, especially if you're with other standard shell scheme stands. There's nothing that will really make you distinctive with it.


- It is the cheapest alternative

You'll get what you pay for with this trade show booth, and you have to optimise it to suit your needs.

- It is convenient and hassle-free

Since you purchased it from them, your event organiser will handle everything with the construction of your booth. All you have to do is to turn and set up your marketing materials for the expo.

- No maintenance or upkeep costs

You purchase the same type of booth from your expo organisers every time and not worry about transport, storage or management costs.


- It looks unappealing and unprofessional

It isn't likely to entice or draw the crowd because of its basic and regular appearance.

- It is not distinguishable

Your booth will likely drown in the plethora of other same or better-looking ones.

- It is not very flexible or customisable

This trade show booth has limited customisation features. Otherwise, you have to incur additional costs for its improvement or modification.

Final Thoughts

With the above information, you can better choose the best type of exhibition stand that will serve your purpose and cater to your priorities.

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