Are you looking for the best custom exhibition stand trends to increase customer traffic and product credibility? In this article, we explain 10+ best exhibition stand trends for 2024 that will improve marketing ability.

best Exhibition Stand Trends

Some of them include:

Use of pop-up displays

Pop-up stands are suitable for display and trade exhibitions. This is due to their portability and ease of putting together. It is easy to erect frames and mount printed graphic panels.

In the case of a fabric pop-up, the one-piece covering is placed on the frame, making an eye-catching display that attracts the audience.

Pull-up graphic design

Pull-up graphic designs are easy to move from one to another. This makes them desirable for one-time market events like trade shows, conferences, and pop-up stores.

The pop-up graphic can be replaced, and this allows the frames to be used again and again. Pull-up banners can be used in the reception, media backdrops, corporate events, presentations, retail storefronts, and pop-up shops.

Use of shell scheme graphics

This is the most common booth used in exhibitions. Shell scheme graphics exist in different sizes and shapes. These booths should be attractive to attract the attention of customers.

This can be achieved through complimenting them with other banners and flyers that expose your products more. The colours of the booth should go with the brand colour for identification.

This makes your stand unique and stands out from the crowd.

Use of virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) exhibitions enable your clients to be in touch with your products in an interactive, action space that makes you engage with your visitors through an all-digital experience.

Clients browse the area to check on your brand and its details throughout the digital exhibit.

The use of virtual reality or augmented reality (AR) enables you to display your product in action as it involves scanning QR codes and VR headsets to view the virtual expositions of the brand.

Especially when you cannot bring your products to the trade show, you can use an augmented reality display.

Use of custom modular exhibition design

You can stand out by creating an immersive experience for your visitors using a custom modular exhibition design.

They form an autonomous system and can suit various exhibition stand designs. They can be reduced or increased depending on your needs. They are eco-friendly and easy to assemble and disassemble.

They are highly versatile and can be restructured to bring out different forms of permutations and combinations to give a new look. They can also be transformed for various exhibitions.

This will give your brand a different look to the client every time, keeping them wanting to know more about your brand.

Use of live streaming exhibition stand

Incorporating live-streaming in your exhibition will give you an upper hand over others. This technology allows us to watch, make and distribute videos in real-time, just like a TV.

This enables concurrent customer viewing and live stream workflow from content indigestion to global distribution.

Live streaming brings your clients closer to the products, creates a better understanding of the brand, and encourages the visitor to buy.

Customer-centred approach

You are part of the exhibition. Embracing a customer-centric approach will make you have a massive interaction with your clients. Creating a customer-centred approach can be achieved through the following:

  • Documenting customer insights to personalise your service: Promise services that are in line with the needs of clients.
  • Integrating customer-centricity into your company culture should make customers own the products by making them part of the company
  • Talking to your customers consistently: Effective communication skills will attract more potential clients to your booth and finally turn them into buyers

These three building blocks will transform your exhibition stands to enable have an edge over others.

Use of stunning graphics

Large–format graphics will make your exhibition stand out from the rest. High-quality 3D graphics are not only large but are also supposed to be high-quality prints and bold fonts.

Having impressive graphics will attract more clients to your exhibition stand. Making eye-catching exhibition designs makes it easy for attendees to spot them.

Include a unique gaming element to your stand design

Adding personalised games that showcase your brand will increase customer traffic to your stand. Using games and plays increases engagement among the clients and keeps them at your exhibition for longer.

It also elicits anxiety among the clients, making them want to know more about the product. This design can work well when you perfectly identify your objectives and target audience.

Create a game based on your visitors’ preferences and the feedback you expect from them. This boosts your clients’ visits and brand recall.

Use of promotional incentives

Having promotional incentives and freebies attracts more visitors to your booth. This will help have an advantage over others. Incorporating freebies help sell your brand since they have information that explains one or more aspects of your brand. This will boost the brand recall if the need arises.

Space management

Using the exhibition space well will enable your exhibition stand to emerge from the rest. If your exhibition stand is too small, it may limit the number of displays in your booth.

It is vital that you have a stand that has enough space to have a good number of visitors and displays. Too much space may also limit effective management and control of clients.

The size of the stand should entirely depend on your needs, considering efficiency in controlling the traffic of attendees.

Use the right texts

While using pop-up and pull-up banners, among other exhibition stands, ensure that you are clear and concise. I prefer using single words and catchy slogans instead of giving comprehensive descriptive information. Such conciseness will work well with visitors who are fond of scanning through the booths.

Embrace novelty

To make your exhibition stand distinct, stay away from the norm. People always want to associate with dynamic brands.

Impress your visitors by touching people's consciousness with a striking modern stand that will hold the client's attention. Integrating several banners, flyers, and graphics into one aspect may capture a variety of clients' interests.

Use integrated exhibition stands

Integrating your stands will give a breathtaking exhibition. Bringing several forms in one to convey a similar message will enable you to handle the individual differences.

Audio-visual designs will capture the needs of those with hearing impairment and sight problems. The purpose of mixing is to care for those not vast with other modes of exhibition. This will increase the traffic of the clients to your booth.

Language, accessibility, and inclusion

Language is a gift that will expose your brand. No matter the lighting in your brand, it must be presented in a language that enhances the understanding of its theme.

The language used will improve accessibility because visitors will know your brand and its relevance to them. All-inclusive language is crucial in the exhibition. This dimension of creativity will help work on the diversity of the clients.