There's just so much you can do with a good old trusty tote bag. It’s versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Other than functionality, you can be fashionable with it, and most of all, if you run a business, it is an effective way of boosting your brand.

If you want to impact your target market better through tote bag advertising, you can create an eco-friendly scheme for it. Because these accessories are reusable, they serve as walking billboards for promoting your brand. You can optimise your brand recognition and awareness with tote bags as promotional items.

Is there a coming event that presents an opportunity to disseminate your custom tote bags? You have to plan for this project accordingly, and the first step is making a bulk purchase. This article aims to guide you in this endeavour.

What Are Canvas Tote Bags?

printed tote bag

You've seen a lot of them around. Typically when people go shopping, travelling and flaunt it as a fashion accessory. Totes tend to be large and can hold a big number of items. With its large opening, you can drop and store anything in it.

Totes have straps on the side, making them quite portable. Whether on your errands or on holiday at the beach, you'll find a good use for these.

These reasons are sensible enough to utilise tote bags as promotional products for your next event.

Different Tote Bag Materials

The durable fabric construct of canvas tote bags makes them an all-around storage buddy. The common materials from which they are made are:

Cotton and linen. These make for trendy tote bag materials. Sourced naturally from the environment, they are washable, useable and recyclable. You can choose from various styles of cotton and linen totes. Due to these characteristics, canvas totes are popular in environmentalist campaigns.

Polyester. You can select this material if you're keen on creating a bright and fancy design for your canvas bags. It is comprised of artificial fabric and is highly wrinkle-resistant.

The thermoplastic make-up of polyester totes gives way to better temperature control because it is used for food and drink packaging.

By "canvas", you do not refer to the material but rather a style of weaving. It is the same material from which backpacks, tents and ship sails are made.

Why Choose Custom Tote Bags As Promotional Items?

You can use custom-printed totes as promotional items because they hold considerable marketing power. Printed with your company logo, you can maximise the branding potential of these items.

Unlike single-use and wasteful plastic bags, printed totes are reusable. They are the practical go-to, especially as many states have started banning plastic bags.

To What Events Can You Give Out Custom Tote Bags?

Totes are in-demand and hugely appreciated by specific audiences for being practical and attractive items. Popular events where you can hand them out are:

Welcoming new employees with gift kits. New hires in your team can serve as your brand ambassadors if you gift them totes containing office supplies and other marketing things.

College fairs and orientations. College students are apt to appreciate tote bags, particularly for storing pamphlets and other perky stuff when they get home.

Trade shows. You have the edge over the competition with your logo-printed totes as giveaways during a trade show. Use them to contain samples of your products and other informational materials about them.

Factors To Consider When Buying Canvas Bags

Not all canvas bags are created equal. Depending on your budget, you have to ensure that your promotional totes are of good quality. Before making a bulk purchase, check the following factors:

1. Usage

Determine the purpose of your canvas totes. Are they for your brand advertising? Maybe you're giving them as gifts to your clients. Take into account how your audience is going to use your custom-printed totes before purchasing them.

2. Quantity

You'll mainly be purchasing your totes at a minimum quantity if you do it wholesale. It matters what your chosen material and budget are. If you opt for something high quality, it'll be costlier for a lesser order.

3. Material

The type of material you pick depends on your intended purpose. If your tote bags are to be utilised for storing food and drinks, go for polyester. On the other hand, you can purchase cotton or linen bags in bulk for a wide range of purposes. This option is more budget-friendly.

4. Size

The purpose is again a crucial factor for the size of the totes you want to buy. Is your target market going to use them as grocery sacks? Then they have to be larger. A smaller size is ideal if you're giving them as freebies from your company or at trade shows.

5. Custom Design

It can be tedious to design your giveaway totes by yourself. You can have them custom printed or designed if you're disseminating them at a trade show.

These events are productive avenues for showcasing your brand. There are several options for personalising your promotional tote bags, and two are silk screen printing and full-colour digital printing.

6. Time Availability Or Limitations

You need to allocate sufficient time for ordering your bulk totes. The size of your order and the material of the bags dictate the extent of their production.

Look for an efficient and reliable event branding provider that will cater to your needs. You can coordinate the time allowance from ordering to custom designing your items with them.

Final Thoughts

Make your promotional tote bags as stylish and functional as they can be. These convenient carry-all items are reusable and highly practical. With the best design, canvas bags can look stunning as consumers wear them.

They can work as tangible advertising items for spreading the crucial aspects of your brand that in turn bring in extra sales and increase your profits.

Incorporate an impeccable design for your custom-printed tote bags so that they can effectively serve their purpose.

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