How do you make a fundraising gala splendid? Meticulous planning, of course, among many other things. The theme should be awe-inspiring, not to mention relevant to the occasion.

Anticipating a dazzling event of wonder, you ought to engage your donors and at the same time create anticipation of how memorable the night will be.

Are you planning for a fundraising gala? You should take these elements into consideration to put together a successful happening. Likewise, as you develop your acumen, you will be able to set up similar or even more impressive gala events in the future.

The theme of your fundraising event is designed to incite promotion. That’s why the ambience, the decor, the food, the venue and the entertainment should be superbly concocted together. What are some of the best charity event theme ideas?

Fantastic Fundraising Gala Theme Ideas

Fundraising Gala Theme Ideas

1. Secret Garden

An amazing garden full of wonder and beauty. That’s the atmosphere that you want to set up for this theme. If there’s a resplendent garden that you can access as a venue, then that would be apt. Otherwise, you can design a decor that resembles it.

It ought to be spectacular so that your guests would feel that they have been transported to an enchanted garden. To incorporate a magical touch, include sparkling lights and blooming bushes. Elegant attire, or in some cases, casual attire can be required for the garden party, and theatrical performances could suffice for entertainment.

2. Masquerade

The evening will undoubtedly be fun with a masquerade-themed party. This is actually apt for a fundraising event because it accords with a black-tie evening.

Everyone parading in their stunning masks, walking on a red carpet and ballroom dancing, it’s sure to be a grand night. Extravagant decor fits the occasion. Choose striking colours such as midnight blue or else purple for your theme, and add accents of silver and gold.

3. Black and White Formal

With these basic colours, a formal event is anticipated where black tie and formal dress attire are expected. Carry over your black and white motif onto the tablecloths, along with the centrepieces and the venue decor, too.

Dimmed white lighting brings out a subtle mood while the tablecloth and other elements in black exude elegance. How about a sprinkle of metallics on the tables? The menu should complement the formal atmosphere where plated dinners are a better option than a buffet.

4. Moulin Rogue

Isn’t life a cabaret and this Parisian setting is a suitable idea for the decor of a Moulin Rogue-themed fundraiser.

Give your donors a spectacular night they’ll remember for a long time. Heaps of ballroom dancing and live entertainment, too. Bedazzle with a spangled decor.

The main colour theme is traditionally red and black. Centrepieces are best adorned with feathers. Add in a good number of red roses in conspicuous areas. Black tie or black tie optional attire is apt for the event.

5. Oscars

It’s a grand night of glitz and glamour for a treat that you’re going to give your guests with this theme. Patterned after the distinguished awards evening, you’ll have the attendees walking on the red carpet in a venue filled with movie star props, including a life-size Oscar statue.

Let the evening get a good start with a paparazzi greeting the guests as they have their VIP entrance. Be specific and indicate on the invitations that attire is black-tie formal.

6. Medieval

It’s another place and time for this fundraising event theme. And it is that of kings, queens and knights in all its grandeur. It’s a heavy metal feel in another sense, and it is of armours, coat of arms and decor armaments.

Medieval-style attire is definitely best suited for the occasion, and theatrical acts can enliven the evening as entertainment. An amusing comic relief can even be added in the guise of a court jester.

The perfect setting for this theme is a grand banquet, where everyone feasts on meat and fruits as they are seated on long, rectangular tables.

7. Under The Sea

To make it as realistic as possible, you can hold this fundraising event at an aquarium or marine venue. Otherwise, if such a location is not available, you can create a backdrop of purples, deep blues and sea greens to create the right setting.

Your best friend when it comes to this is lighting, or particularly uplighting with ocean-coloured spotlights pointing at the walls and ceiling. With these, your venue will look like it is underwater.

The menu ought to consist of seafood, and sushi, especially finger food, among others. But be sure to prepare alternatives, more so because some guests might have allergies.

8. Viva Las Vegas

The theme of a Casino Night or a Vegas setting, in general, can have Lady Luck giving favour to your guests. What can be more fun and exciting? The gaiety should extend to your decor and entertainment as well.

Nightclub furniture and decor can be rented, and you can get some casino knick-knacks from a party store. It would be a stunning idea to hire a company that runs gaming tables, too. For the entertainment, have Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra music playing, or else get an Elvis impersonator.

9. Hawaiian/ Caribbean

How about a fundraising gala theme that extends a warm Aloha with bright-coloured leis and plummy cocktails? Props that you can set include beach items- among them flip flops and some buckets. The decor would be awesome with seashells, flowers and fruits.

The colours all around should be vibrant and lovely, with ample yellows and greens, and the venue is surrounded by palm trees as well as tropical plants. They’re fake, of course. Although you have a beach scenery theme, definitely you should avoid sand because it's too much of a hassle when cleaning up.

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10. Broadway

Who wouldn’t miss a theatrical theme for a fundraising event theme? Your prospective donors will surely love a night with the feel of Broadway. Stage lighting a la Broadway ought to be arranged creatively, and the decor consisted of Broadway playbills, posters and tickets. For entertainment, you can infuse theatrical or musical performances.

11. Western

Nashville-worthy cowboy boots and attire, anyone? They will be splendid for a fundraising event theme. This is also the time for country music to shine, what with these tunes recently topping the charts. You can opt for the occasion to be casual or formal where your guests can have a fun and cosy time at the party.

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