Eco-Friendly Drinking: Minimise your Impact on the Environment with Biodegradable Paper Cups

Our universal love of coffee infused beverages and other takeaway goods contributes to the monumental problem of waste consumption, most particularly with disposable cups, that has swept across the globe.

We discussed Recycle Now Week and it is an important occasion to raise awareness for the environment however it can not just stop at one week. It is reported that in the UK alone, a staggering 2.5 billion coffee cups are disposed of each year. A truly overwhelming figure, disposable cups have a detrimental impact on the natural world; a transatlantic problem contributing to global warming, pollution, carbon emissions, and much more.

The production of plastic styrofoam cups in particular, which heavily rely on man-made resources including derivatives of oil, has its own environmental implications. To make matters worse, styrofoam coffee cups are typically non-recyclable and once discarded, find their way into landfill or incinerators.

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A Brighter Future with Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Printing

At Apprintable, we are here to offer a simple solution to put all your eco-conscious woes to rest. Rather than tirelessly worrying, after your coffee pick-me-up, about the consequences your cup may have on the planet - simply make the green switch to custom biodegradable cups.

Manufactured from raw earth-friendly materials, minimise your carbon footprint with our food-safe biodegradable cups. Green to the very core, our robust branded recyclable paper cups are easy to break down into natural materials and dispose of in bins - turn landfill into planet-friendly compost!

For those seeking a little clarity on the term ‘compostable’; compostable materials simply refer to products that are both manufactured from and can return safely to ecosystems. Once composted, raw non-toxic materials decay and give nutrients back to the soil; a responsible and incredibly impactful solution that can resolve the current climate crisis.

At Apprintable, we are not just a one hit green wonder. Our plethora of personalised paper cups can be tailor-made to order, including: striking bespoke designs, unique Pantone colour palettes, right down to the size of your cup. We offer a range of customisable features for that tasteful brand promotion.

Not only do we provide the finest selection of custom printed paper cups, we also have an recycled eco-friendly print range including business cards printed on Kraft paper, paper labels on recycled paper and recycled poster printing to suit a variety of your needs in a sustainable way.

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The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for print materials

Bio-items are a multifunctional aesthetic for businesses. By focusing on manufacturing and purchasing environmentally friendly products, you can simultaneously boost branding and convey an empowering corporate reputation.

What’s more, switching to the greener things in life is certainly cheaper than one might usually think. On first preconception, consumers initially regard eco-friendly drinks packaging as costly. A wallet-friendly alternative, we offer an abundance of bio-cups that are competitively priced and a first-class print quality.

In recent years, the push to go green and minimise carbon footprints is in full swing across the corporate world. This monumental professional change has widespread benefits - not only is it an ethical one, but taking a ‘greener’ stance will make your business stand out for all the right reasons.

By taking an eco-conscious step in the right direction, you can gain a competitive edge, bolster your brand identity, and in turn, secure a loyal customer base of brand advocates who have a synergy between themselves and your business. What are you waiting for, kick start your sustainability strategy with printed bio-cups - can you handle the heat?

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