After reading up on the importance of Print Media in London the next step is to understand how it can be used to influence a successful marketing strategy.

Despite the emergence of a high-tech digitally driven world, the traditional humble flyer is very much circulating at large. Rather than conducting an overhaul on your online website or splashing the cash on paid advertising campaigns, a flyer offers a great bang for your buck - a worthwhile return on an initial investment.

A timeless marketing tool, incorporate flyer printing into your marketing campaign to enhance corporate visibility, reach the desired target audience, and bolster sales growth. But don’t just take our word for it, for marketing material that truly sells, find out below why flyers are still attention-grabbing.

Cost-effective printing

Superb quality flyer printing should not cost the Earth; flyers can create an impressive impact on a local market that many businesses may be trying to reach.

  • Maximum impact: It is easy to get flyers into the hands of passers-by waiting to catch the bus, walking down a busy street, or enjoying a coffee nestled in a local cafe.
  • Carefully choose the right colour palette: Spend time thinking about the particular segmented audience you wish to captivate. Selecting the right colour scheme is imperative; it can seamlessly tie into your business aesthetic and is critical for success.
  • Delivery preferences: In the events or hospitality industry, last-minute deadlines and corporate buy-outs can be quickly sprung upon event organisers. Thus, it is crucial to select a professional print shop that can offer same day flyer printing if one is pressed for time.


To put it simply, flyers connect with people on a personal level. Instead of conducting email marketing campaigns that are often left unopened and congregated in junk files, custom-designed A5 leaflet printing can give organisations significant professional flair and disrupt the cacophony of impersonal emails. What’s more, you can provide an impactful human interaction through a tangible flyer. Enhance credibility and effectively bridge the gap between consumer and business with a thought-provoking flyer.


Instead of being a segment of faceless online advertising campaigns, handing out flyers to prospective customers instantaneously sparks a personal interaction. Once you physically distribute an A6 printed leaflet this opens an unmatchable doorway and cements interpersonal customer relationships. Striking visuals, a brand logo, and compelling content have the capacity to entice a viewer into learning more about your company or making a sale - the possibilities are endless!

An Eye-Catching Marketing Medium

In a digital-savvy age where consumers are becoming ad-blind, your flyer can stamp out competition and rise above the noise. Prospective customers have the option to actively engage with your dl printed flyer - a unique opportunity that is incredibly priceless. In addition, local businesses, bustling coffee shops, and restaurants alike may also promote your flyer in-house. Whilst a consumer enjoys a piping hot coffee or a deliciously refreshing cocktail, seamlessly captivate them with a well-designed flyer and generate promising leads.