You'll want people to remember your brand. So that it sticks to their memories and they will have the notion to purchase it. That's why your advertising and marketing scheme has to be effective.

Novel ways to promote your business have to be implemented. Sure, there's social media, but it's easy to scroll past them because there are just heaps and heaps.

Tangible ways of spreading the word about your company are apt to work better. Research says that these marketing methods inculcate an 85% recall rate. Promotional products are some of the best ways to go for a marketing strategy that hits the mark.

In this aspect, you can use promotional tote bags. A canvas tote bag is inexpensive and functional, and you can utilise it in means that'll be handy for advertising your product.

Ways To Use Tote Bags As Promotional Items

promotional bags

1. Design your promotional tote bags so that they clearly represent your brand

From the very beginning of the design stage, you have to be meticulous. Don't rush it when planning the details of your marketing product. Take note that your promotional tote bag is well-designed and attractive. This way, your target market will like and use it for a long time.

If your brand canvas bag is poorly-designed, it's inclined to simply be stored or thrown away at the back of a cupboard.

It is a sensible idea to have an in-house marketing designer. Your team can collaborate with a credible online provider to create a design that is congruent with your brand guidelines.

More importantly, it should incorporate your logo. Be innovative in your design and make sure that it appeals to your target market.

To guarantee that your promotional product is influential, how about infusing humour or a catchy slogan on it?

2. Choose a good-quality, durable and long-lasting material

Functionality is the key when it comes to scheming for an advertising canvas bag. If people need it, they'll constantly use it and be reminded of your business.

Therefore see to it that your material is durable and long-lasting. It should not wear out easily. With consistent exposure, consumers will become loyal to your brand.

You can produce eco-friendly promotional tote bags to make them practical and noteworthy. You can choose those that are made of natural fibre materials.

If your intended market is busy parents, how about offering multiple-compartment large bags? Otherwise, go for fast-drying gym-style canvas bags if your consumers are into sports or adventures.

3. Sell affordable branded tote bags to in-store customers

Offering fair-priced branded tote bags to shoppers in your store helps them carry their shopped items. It also makes your business look legitimate. If your canvas bags are eco-friendly, patrons will appreciate your concern for the environment.

This strategy can incite more people to visit your store. During special events such as Halloween or Christmas, your business can provide variations of your promo product.

4. Give tote bags as freebies at a one-off event

Create hype for your business by giving away free and exclusive canvas bags. If you've just opened, offer one-off bags that contain goodies to the first 100 customers. Or, if you run a yoga company, distribute one-off neatly-designed totes to attendees of a particular retreat.

These can serve as nifty mementoes for specific events that'll make people patronise your business.

5. Your branded tote bags can be given out as collectable items

You can generate buzz and excitement by giving out your branded canvas bags as collectable items. It's a fantastic way for customers to purchase additional products and support your store.

It's a great idea to offer an exclusive bag available in 4 colours and promote to shoppers to "collect them all". A sports company can present tote bags for different activities and encourage customers to get what suits them best. Think of what incites and appeals best to your customers.

6. Let social media influencers use your branded tote bags and promote them online

Influencers are persuasive and can sway people about their buying decisions. In recent years, influencer marketing has prompted 81% of shoppers to purchase certain products.

Consumers can become more aware of your brand if you have influencers use your bags and feature their photos with them on social media.

Likewise, you can send free branded bags to these influencers. If you have a smaller budget, consider working with micro-influencers in the meantime until you can afford someone bigger.

7. Gift customers with exclusive bags for getting a subscription

Your freebie canvas bag can be the thing that encourages potential customers to buy your product or service. Consider giving them as gifts to folks who have decided to get subscription packages or for signing up and making their orders.

8. Welcome new employees by giving them your company-branded canvas bags

It can be exciting for new employees to work in your company if you give out bags filled with freebies as part of a welcome pack. It's not just customers that can serve to be your brand ambassadors.

After training your new hires, you can give them bags that contain pens, notebooks and water bottles. This can be an effective way of advertising your business.

9. Branded bags can be free giveaways at trade shows

Freebies are some of the best attractions in an exhibit. If your stand offers plenty of them, it can draw a lot of visitors. Some companies may offer USB sticks or pens, but they tend to be thrown away in attendees' pockets and forgotten afterwards.

Whereas if you distribute branded canvas bags, people will find a good use for them, such as for keeping brochures and flyers, among other things. It can make them remember your brand.

10. Your branded canvas bags can be prizes for an online competition

Strengthen your brand image by hosting contests online and doling out canvas bags as prizes. With catchy-looking and creatively-designed bags as giveaways, you can boost your customers' online engagement while promoting and spreading the word about your brand.

11. Feature your website address on your promotional canvas bags

Optimise your advertising strategy by getting your brand name out there and actually encourage consumers to get in touch.

Have your website address printed on your logo-designed bags, or maybe even a QR code that prospects can scan to access your website. Share your handles, too, if you're active on social media. Make it easy for customers to find you so that they'll know where to go.

Final Thoughts

Investing in promotional tote bags is lucrative and effective in growing your brand awareness and strengthening your company image. With the tips mentioned above, you can use these items in ways that will increase your customer base and boost your business.

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