Do you have a product to display at a trade show but don’t have an innovative exhibition stand to attract visitors? Building an exhibition stand can be expensive because of the time, human resources, and money you can spend developing a creative design. A better alternative may be to hire or rent an exhibition stand that perfectly integrates with your product and helps you achieve your exhibition goals.

In this article, we explain what you should look for when hiring or renting an exhibition stand.

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Why you should rent or hire an exhibition stand

Guide to Exhibition Stand Hire and Rental

An exhibition stand hire and rental guide can come in handy when you want to launch a new product, re-launch your brand, or create buzz around your product. Retail exhibition stands can significantly reduce your expenses at a trade expo if you are a first-time exhibitor or exhibit your products sporadically.

Renting or hiring a display is less stressful than building your own and leaves you with adequate time to concentrate on your products. Renting an exhibition allows you to explore various designs, giving you the creative freedom to use unique designs at different trade show events.

What to look for when hiring or renting an exhibition stand

Never underestimate the impact a unique and innovative exhibition stand can have in helping you achieve your goals. The following are some factors to consider when hiring or choosing an exhibition stand include:

Innovative design

Does the exhibition stand you want to hire or rent stand out in the trade show? Is the exhibition stand eye-catching enough to pull footfall to your section? A trade show is a competitive sport where the visitors’ attention is the price.

You can hire an exhibition stand with stunning graphics that attract expo attendees to your product. Ideally, choose a modular exhibition stand design that allows you to customise your presentation depending on the product, size, or audience.


Do you have a way of measuring the return on investment (ROI) of the exhibition stand you are hiring? Regardless of how much you want to spend, ensure you can get the value for your money. While your goal may be to spend as little money as possible, don’t spend less at the expense of quality.

A cheap exhibition stand may be costly in the long run because it minimises your impact at the trade show. Ideally, choose an exhibition stand retailer that offers full-in-house services, including design, transport, and installation.

Ease of assembly

It is easy and takes a relatively short time to assemble a hired exhibition stand. The faster you build your stand, the more time you are left with to optimise your product for viewing. Whether you handle the installation logistics or the exhibition retailer, select an exhibition stand design that seamlessly comes together within moments.

Having a less than perfect display because you didn’t have enough time to assemble your exhibition stand can affect your trade show goals. An underwhelming exhibition stand receives little to no attention from expo attendees.


Hire or rent an exhibition stand with superior lighting to make your brand more visible. Creative lighting can help draw visitors to your exhibition stand, enabling you to present your brand. Good lighting can also help you focus attention on your product, which drives curiosity from onlookers.

Depending on the product you want to display and the mood you want to set, you can hire an exhibition stand that incorporates various LED lights, including LED floodlights, LED spotlights, LED instant counter, or neon lighting.

Size of exhibition stand

Are you launching a new brand? Will you give live demonstrations? Your trade show goals determine the size of the exhibition stand you hire. Once you understand what you want to achieve, you can visualise how to achieve it and know how big your exhibition stand needs.

If you want to engage visitors using interactive elements such as LED walls, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or gaming tech, consider hiring a spacious exhibition stand. If going for an intimate atmosphere, a small exhibition stand is ideal.

Type of stand

The type of exhibition stand you rent determines your budget. Therefore, if you have a small budget, you can hire a pop-up display or a shell-scheme stand with limited branding options. With a relatively bigger budget, you can hire a custom off-the-shelf stand, which you can integrate with your branded counters, flyers, or graphics to enhance your brand’s image. You can alternatively hire a customised exhibition stand to increase your visibility at an expo.

You can also choose an exhibition stand based on its features. You can hire an exhibition stand that you can quickly assemble and dismantle, integrate seamlessly with your brand's image, and have minimal maintenance costs. Also, consider hiring a flexible exhibition stand, enabling you to add or replace graphics to maximise your brand’s impact.

Exhibition stand retailer location

There are so many things that can go wrong at a trade show. Hiring an exhibition stand from a local retailer means you can get help within a reasonable timeframe when disaster strikes. Dealing with a local exhibition stand retailer is also cost-effective because logistics such as transport expenses are minimised.

Ensure you hire a stand from an experienced company because they are more likely to expect any eventualities that can interfere with your exhibition. An experienced company will probably attract top talent, ensuring you get the best exhibition stand ideas.


Information is power, and the more you are informed, the better decision you can make. Because of time constraints or when overwhelmed by the many exhibition stands available, you may be tempted to pick the first stand you come across. Err on the side of caution and read the exhibition stands and the provider’s reviews.

Is the exhibition stand you are eyeing reliable? Does the supplier have an excellent reputation? Getting the answer to these questions can help you make an informed decision.

Stunning print graphics

If you want your brand name, images, or logo to be visible, consider hiring an exhibition with superior print quality. You can get an exhibition stand that perfectly presents your brand information to prospective clients.

Hiring or renting an exhibition stand can help reduce the cost of exhibiting your products. Renting means you can escape the hassle of building an exhibition stand from scratch. Retailing an exhibition stand can give you adequate time to prepare a superior presentation that can give you a competitive edge over your neighbours.