Your wedding is a big day. Preparations for it have to be impeccable, from the largest to the minute details. The wedding reception, in particular, is a significant event to consider, and you have to mind the venue, the decor, and the food, among others.

One small element that you should not overlook at your wedding reception is the place cards. These pieces of paper are on the guests' tables, indicating their seats.

Place cards add a personal touch to your event and can work as name tags so your guests can get acquainted with each other. Place cards, as a component of your table decor, serve a vital function.

This article is a comprehensive guide about what you need to know about wedding place cards.

What Are Place Cards At A Wedding Reception?

How Do Place Cards Work At A Wedding

As a piece of stationery, wedding place cards are placed on reception tables. It contains information that indicates where the guests should be seated. One place card is typically provided for every seat at the reception, including the guest's name and table number.

For the most part, place cards are made of cardstock, but other options such as chalkboard, acrylic and glass, to mention some, are considered. There are tent cards that stand on their own, but place cards tend to be supported by place card holders.

What Do You Write On Wedding Place Cards?

You normally write your guests' names on place cards. That's the most basic idea. You have full discretion about what you're going to signify on it, and there are no definite rules about it.

Additional information that you can display on these cards are the assigned table numbers of your attendees.

Sweet and concise messages may also be included, such as "Welcome", "Finally", or "At last". These notes can serve to excite and perk up the guests. When you order place cards, see to it that they also show table names.

How Do You Print Names and Greetings On Place Cards?

You don't have to spend extra time hand-writing the names of your attendees on the cards. There's no time to spare when you're planning every detail of your momentous celebration of love. In this aspect, you can consider ordering printed or printable place cards online.

However, if you insist on using DIY handwritten name cards, it makes sense to take a calligraphy course. Otherwise, you need to practice learning this skill ahead of time.

Using a small-tipped marker, draw the names and messages on a firm, solid surface. This way, you'll produce sharp and clear lines. You can go for laser-cut cards if you're mulling over another alternative.

Where Do You Order Wedding Place Cards?

You have plenty of resources for ordering place cards. If you want to avail yourself of custom-made name cards for your wedding event, you can work with a professional stationer. If you're up to it, your other option is to go to a craft store to purchase the pertinent materials and hand-write the details.

A practical and efficient alternative is to order pre-printed place cards from an online retailer. At Apprintable, our event products are impeccable, consisting of a wide range of designs to suit your preferred theme.

Wedding Place Cards: Tips To Remember

You'll be amazed by the plethora of wedding place card choices at your disposal. You must narrow down your options. Take note of the vital factors to consider when choosing your place cards.

Primarily, ascertain the style of your event. If your wedding has a beach theme, something casual, such as a water-colour print, is apt. On the other hand, select a basic calligraphy design if it's a black tie soiree that you're hosting.

Mind the height of your cards. They should not block your attendees' views. Be critical in choosing the dimensions of the stationery so that their size does not occupy huge space on the table. After all, they're not the only things that guests will find on it.

Place settings, centrepieces, wedding decorations, and favours find their rightful place on those surfaces in the same way.

What Are The Benefits Of Place Cards At A Wedding?

Although optional, place cards benefit your wedding reception in various ways. The most valuable being that they provide order and organisation. They help to enforce the proper implementation of your seating chart.

They guide guests to their seats, and these elements ward off confusion and chaos. Place cards can aid your visitors in their conversations as a dainty perk. No longer is there a need for awkward introductions or forgetting names.

These cards are an excellent infusion to your table decor without looking cluttered. If, for instance, your table linens are coloured green and adorned with yellow flowers, you can combine green and yellow shaded cards on them.

When To Use and Avoid Using Place Cards

Your choice of wedding place cards is personal, and likewise, it is your individual preference if you want to use them. They would not be necessary at your reception if you and your significant other are not particular about assigned seats.

During wedding receptions that are organised sit-down events, place cards are likely to be useful. They are not required during the wedding ceremony itself, but if you want to do so, keep them flat and place them on your guests' assigned chairs.

Final Thoughts

You can get lost selecting from a wide array of materials, fonts, colours and patterns for your name cards. Remember that your wedding has a theme and style, and your stationery should be coordinated.

Be wary of picking out a place card mainly because of how it looks, but is not congruent to the colour theme of your event style. Your goal is to make your event aesthetically pleasing regardless of how big or small it is, so you have to be meticulous in choosing your wedding place cards.

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